Chicago In Crisis as Rose Faces Another Setback

Screenshot 2015-02-26 15.54.21

I know I haven’t been around. I was going to make another writing push before the Playoffs. DEVASTATING news Bulls fans. Rose needs to have surgery… Again. Its the same medial meniscus in his right knee that was repaired last year.

Everyone is hoping for a miracle in terms of a timetable. Tons of reports swirling about on various sports outlets as well as national news, but nothing official. I’m waiting to see what Bulls official beat writers report. Will it again be repaired? I’ve heard they won’t repair it a second time. Will it be snipped like Westbrook’s was? Hopefully. If so, that will give Rose a CHANCE to return for the playoffs.

If Rose doesn’t come back this season, that lone game in 2012… Game one against Philly where he tore his ACL, will be the last time we have gotten to see Rose in the postseason. Think about that for a minute. As a part of Derrick Rose’s fanbase, I’d have to say, at least in this era of basketball, no other has suffered more. So much hope and promise in this home grown hero and yet, it doesn’t “feel” like it will ever be realized.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more. Wishing nothing but the best for Rose and his family. This has got to be so frustrating.


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