Bulls Drop Boston; Face East Leading Hawks Tonight

Bulls went 2-3 since I last blogged. Gone were the pipe dreams that the Bulls would split those two Wizard contests. No, we lost badly in D.C. and then dropped the home game. Worrisome part about both these games is that the Wiz, made it look pretty easy. Between these contests, were a win over the Bucks at home (Pau 46/18) and a rather embarrassingly bad blowout loss to Orlando.

The Bulls defense, simply is not up to par. Someone in a Facebook group I’m in mentioned that these players perhaps are just not equipped to play man-to-man defense. I would have to agree with that sentiment because opponents are scoring at will.

Rose looking like Rose again
Has he finally broken out of the slump? Over the last two games (the win over Boston and loss to Washington), Rose has been continuing to launch rockets, early and often, but the difference is he’s connecting now. I still don’t think he needs to launch as many threes as he will never stretch the floor as much as a Dunleavy or potentially a McDermott would. I think he needs to stick to the mid range, but we’ll see.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 15.24.10

5 shots inside the paint | 1 at the elbow | 5 from 3pt range | 1 from half court (32pts and 5 assists)

Screenshot 2015-01-17 15.30.04

7 shots in the paint | 5 threes (29 pts and 10 assists)

Dunleavy still out, and now Jo out with a rolled ankle
Jo was hobbled in the Washington game and will sit out a few games. Dunleavy must have had a nasty sprain for him to miss so many games. We are 4-4 without his services so while I have maligned the guy a ton because I don’t think he’s athletic or quick enough at that 3 spot, it turns out that he is a great help defender and his ability to stretch the floor is sorely missed.

Can we beat Atlanta tonight?
I dunno. I’m looking at the trends and its gonna be tough… Unless after 11 straight wins its just time for them to fall. Bulls CANNOT get off to that slow start that they usually do at home and expect to catch up. They are also going to have to be exceptional on their rotations because the Hawks move that ball around the court like lightning.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 14.10.27

Things to watch:

–> CHI dropped 4 out of their last 6
–> ATL on 11 gm win streak
–> ATL has league best road record at 15-5
–> CHI 12-9 at home
–> Rose 11-for-17 from 3 last 2 gms
–> Last ATL loss came 12/26 by 30 at home to MIL
–> ATL is 25-1 when shooting a higher % than opponent

I’m going to be in the house tonight! I’ve never attended a loser in the Bulls era, so let’s watch that trend as well!

I’ll be live tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog… Follow us for the latest.

Take care and #SeeRed!!!!

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