Wrapping Up Bulls Regular Season (2014-2015)


Well, Bulls fans, it was a long journey, but we made it to the playoffs, with the Bulls roster somewhat healthy for a change. 50-32 on the season was a real testament to the heart of this team and the belief, (even though as fans we’ve all said its been wavering) in head coach Tom Thibodeau. I plan to keep you updated on all things Bulls as we go into the first round, and start what I hope to be, a nice long playoff run.

Derrick Rose
Rose has been resilient through the last injury I updated you about. It threw Chicago into a real panic, but then it turned out to only have a 4-6 week window. He came back and played the last 5 games of the season and no exaggeration, looks better than he did to start the season. He sat out the second half of the season finale against the Hawks, but he says he just had some minor soreness in his left knee. Nothing serious.

He also reports that he is pain free. This is by far the best news inside Bulls nation… Rose is healthy, and playing in the playoffs for the first time since tearing his ACL in 2012.  So happy for him.

Bucks instead of Wizards?

There has been much discussion about desiring the 4th seed vs. the 3rd seed that the Bulls eventually settled into.

Screenshot 2015-04-16 10.49.20

The 2015 NBA Playoffs seeding has been settled

Quite obviously, the bracket that the Bulls fell into will have them on a likely collision course with the Lebron led Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round. Some see this as a negative. The 4th seed would have placed the Bulls where Toronto is. Facing the Wizards, and then going on to the winner of Hawks/Nets. The Wiz really seemed to stink it up to end the season, however, they finished with 2 more wins than last season (46-36). Will they be tougher in the playoffs than they were in the regular season? Who knows? I DO know that rather than attempting to exact revenge on the Wiz for unceremoniously dismissing the Bulls in 5 games last postseason, I’d rather Rose come along more slowly and gain some momentum.

Still Not 100%

Joakim Noah
Jo sat out the last couple of games of the regular season with a hamstring issue. Looks like its precautionary. Hoping Jo can give us just some of what he gave us two years ago in that 7-game Brooklyn series.

Kirk Hinrich
Obviously, he came back too early from a hyperextended knee. Kirk’s offense has fallen off, but I still think the Bulls need 10-15 minutes from him. He plays tough, can be effective defensively depending on the matchup and has decent foot speed. He also, when he is not shooting too much, can really set the table.

Taj Gibson
Left the season finale game vs. Atlanta with a shoulder strain. Probably shouldn’t have played, but he obviously hears Mirotic’s footsteps and has been playing through injury consistently this year.

I’ll be back (hopefully), with a playoff preview. In the meantime, check out the schedule. I’d love to make it to the Bradley Center for one of these (not so) road games!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 18.09.10

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