Rose Officially Out for Season as Bulls Drop 4th in a Row

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Wishing nothing but the best both mentally and physically, for Derrick Martell Rose.

Just a few days ago, the Bulls were:

  • Boasting a 5 game win streak.
  • Had shot up the Power Rankings list to #8 (up from #13).
  • Rose was slowly rounding into form, enjoying his most successful driving games to date in both Denver and Portland.
  • Rose had finally begun to get some fouls called on contact in the lane, going 6-7 from the line of course before exiting a few minutes into the 3Q.

…Now, the city of Chicago, Bulls fans and most importantly Derrick Rose himself are faced with a painful and irreversible reality. A right meniscus tear. Just 11 games into what looked like a promising season. The injury happened on Friday in Portland, Rose flew to L.A. and got an MRI on Saturday… The results were released on Saturday around 4:20P CST. The fan base and the media speculated on Sunday about what this would mean, the recovery time, etc. Rose got surgery at Rush Presbyterian on Monday morning and the Chicago Bulls released news that he’d miss the rest of the season. Four days. Four days that changed the entire complexion of a franchise. Its mind blowing. I’m still in shock as I type these words.

I suppose I should be grateful to have a place to write out my feelings. I started this blog, if I’m being very honest, to capture what I thought would be our pursuit (and capture) of a 7th title. There have been so many bumps along the way since this blog’s beginning that its almost unreal the hand of cards we seem to be dealt over and over again. Why are we so snakebitten? What will happen to Rose? I know what the pundits are saying and God knows, they all have been covering sports a lot longer than I have. However what I see in Derrick is just so special that I am still (perhaps stupidly) believing that he will not only come back, but he will come back and still be able to dominate. We’ve got a LONG time to debate this, and at the same time, the season still chugs along for the Rose-less Bulls.

Losses to Denver, Portland, Clippers and Utah have been painful and I have conspicuously been unable to cover them. I will still continue to cover the Bulls here, but I needed a bit of time to adjust to the shock of Rose being out. I feel like I’m not only mourning Rose, but I’m mourning this Bulls core. This Bulls team as we know it is likely done. Just so upsetting. I’ll be getting back in the saddle for the Bulls next contest… In Detroit tomorrow to battle the young bigs of Motown. 6:30P CST on CSN.

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