Bulls Poised to Sweep Series After Rose Dominates in 2OT Thriller

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Image taken from Sports Illustrated

The Bulls put quite a scare into their fans with this game… In the briefest summary I can generate: Bulls were up 10 pts with 2:00 min to go, Middleton hits two 3 pointers. Bulls sent reeling… Middleton makes a runner taking MIL up a point with 10 seconds left. Rose drives, gets fouled and makes one of two at the line. Ridiculous. OT. They trade baskets. Double OT. Bulls turn Bucks over 4 times in the 2OT segment, dominate and come out on top… Whew.

The good: Bulls were able to battle back and impose their will in this game, even after a lot of things didn’t go their way. They actually NEEDED a game like this… Pippen would tweet during the game that a little adversity on the road was good for them.

The bad: Getting down by as much as 18 pts. and turning the ball over 18 times. They CANNOT continue to have these high turnover games and expect to make a deep playoff run.

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Rose was a MONSTER in this one… 34 pts, 8 asts, 5 rebs and 3 stls. After the last game where Jimmy dominated with 31 pts, I noticed that Bulls/Bucks graphics were starting to be dominated by images of Jimmy Butler as the Bulls representative. Also finding threads where fans are discussing who’s team this is now, Jimmy or Derrick’s. Make no mistake, this is STILL Rose’s team. He is the leader. My conclusions are drawn from how these guys revere him. They listen when he speaks and they look out for him.

Rose is being the best leader ON the court too from the eye test. He’s taking Snell to the side and giving him advice, he’s fiery and vocal in the pre-game huddle and during timeouts and he’s ENCOURAGING the hell out of Jimmy. You think Jimmy would feel comfortable/free doing this on another team with an oft injured former MVP? There would be drama, trust. I’m proud and happy for Rose and we need EVERYONE to get to where we are going so no need to create what I think is division. ESPECIALLY when our backcourt has been scoring more than the rest of the league in the playoffs… Gm 1: 48pts Gm 2: 46pts Gm 3: 58pts. Fans need to chill.

Games coming so quickly I wanted to get something out before today’s contest at 4:30PM CST on TNT. Bulls are NOT great early so the afternoon time does worry me somewhat. I think Chicago closes the Bucks out with a sweep though. Hoping they can get as much rest as possible with what looks like an inevitable showdown with CLE in the semifinals.

The tweets:

Rose highlights:

Last game in this series today?
We’ll see how much fight the Bucks have left after losing this heartbreaker… 4:30PM CST on TNT. I have to teach, but hopefully will be able to catch some of the game after the half. #SeeRed

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