Bulls Experiencing the Highest ‘Highs’ and the Lowest ‘Lows’

dm_150108_NADonbullsSorry followers, the wedding season is heating up! Much hotter than expected during a record cold January in Chicago.

Wanted to reach out really quick and assure that I’m still around, still keeping up with our Bulls and will be attending the Atlanta game on 1/17… Super excited and will have tons of “fan goodies” for everyone.

Since I last blogged, Bulls were on a high man. They’d won 4 out of an eventual SEVEN games, their longest win streak of the season (previously they’d only managed 4 in a row). Rose was a killer too… Check the highlights:

Jimmy and Pau have been playing out of their minds and posting some amazing numbers too. After that game, the Bulls handled the Lakers, NOLA and Indy, but then something went terribly wrong for the squad. Its something that we as fans are still trying to figure out… Starting in the 4th quarter of the Pacers game, the Bulls seemingly forgot how to score the basketball. Indiana went on a 21-2 run and the Bulls would only manage 11 pts. Eleven. At first, you just assumed it was flukish, etc. They got the win, so no big deal, they’ll get it together.

The very next game though, Brooklyn would end up exposing the Bulls on their home floor. Duplicating what Indiana had done, they went under screens and allowed Rose to shoot uncontested long two’s the whole game.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.20.08

Rose ended up going 2-15… His only made shots coming behind the left elbow in the 1st and 3rd quarters… Brutal night for Rose.

This, coupled with a big night from Brook Lopez, who dominated our front court. The Bulls just folded. Definitely a worrisome development, especially after the team went cold in Indiana a game prior.

Bulls followed this bad loss up with wins over Denver, Boston and Houston (dang, has it been THAT long since I blogged?). Bulls used a 31 pt. 4th quarter in a game full of dunks and high flying scoring to overcome the Rockets. THIS game was followed up by a 20 pt. loss to the Utah Jazz. Believe me, this final score looks better than it actually was.

Just uneven, up and down performances, but at the same time, the team stands at 25-11. Derrick’s performances have left a lot to be desired as what started out as a slump has begun to diminish his greatness. His mental approach is a concern as well. He seems to be extremely upset that opponents are going under screens and desperately wants to make them pay. I get it, but he needs to be able to impact a game in more ways than just scoring the basketball. We have capable scorers this season. Feed them. Make the game easier for them. Obviously when he’s a scoring threat, that does tend to lend itself to making the game easier, but as the floor general, he needs to find another way. I just want him doing what’s best for the team.

What’s Next?

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.33.24

‪#‎CHIvsWAS‬ Bulls NBA best road record will be put to the test tonight… Trends to watch:

–> Wall is 0-5 vs. a Rose led squad
–> Bulls are 10-1 after losses this season
–> Wiz are on a 2 game win streak
–> Rose shooting 25.5% over the last six games

Who wins? Bulls seem to have a different mentality on the road. This would be a PERFECT night for Rose to break out of this slump. Wall is itching to beat him and the team would like to exact some revenge from the last whopping we gave them in D.C.

If Rose could again eclipse Wall, with Wall likely to be an All Star game starter and Rose likely out of this one, I think that would give his ego a boost and perhaps will restore his confidence and competitive edge a little. Selfish to think this way, but hey, whatever it takes to get Rose back on track, I’ll take it.

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog… Follow us for the latest and I PROMISE to not go away for so long again!



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