Bulls Drop Boston; Face East Leading Hawks Tonight

Bulls went 2-3 since I last blogged. Gone were the pipe dreams that the Bulls would split those two Wizard contests. No, we lost badly in D.C. and then dropped the home game. Worrisome part about both these games is that the Wiz, made it look pretty easy. Between these contests, were a win over the Bucks at home (Pau 46/18) and a rather embarrassingly bad blowout loss to Orlando.

The Bulls defense, simply is not up to par. Someone in a Facebook group I’m in mentioned that these players perhaps are just not equipped to play man-to-man defense. I would have to agree with that sentiment because opponents are scoring at will.

Rose looking like Rose again
Has he finally broken out of the slump? Over the last two games (the win over Boston and loss to Washington), Rose has been continuing to launch rockets, early and often, but the difference is he’s connecting now. I still don’t think he needs to launch as many threes as he will never stretch the floor as much as a Dunleavy or potentially a McDermott would. I think he needs to stick to the mid range, but we’ll see.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 15.24.10

5 shots inside the paint | 1 at the elbow | 5 from 3pt range | 1 from half court (32pts and 5 assists)

Screenshot 2015-01-17 15.30.04

7 shots in the paint | 5 threes (29 pts and 10 assists)

Dunleavy still out, and now Jo out with a rolled ankle
Jo was hobbled in the Washington game and will sit out a few games. Dunleavy must have had a nasty sprain for him to miss so many games. We are 4-4 without his services so while I have maligned the guy a ton because I don’t think he’s athletic or quick enough at that 3 spot, it turns out that he is a great help defender and his ability to stretch the floor is sorely missed.

Can we beat Atlanta tonight?
I dunno. I’m looking at the trends and its gonna be tough… Unless after 11 straight wins its just time for them to fall. Bulls CANNOT get off to that slow start that they usually do at home and expect to catch up. They are also going to have to be exceptional on their rotations because the Hawks move that ball around the court like lightning.

Screenshot 2015-01-17 14.10.27

Things to watch:

–> CHI dropped 4 out of their last 6
–> ATL on 11 gm win streak
–> ATL has league best road record at 15-5
–> CHI 12-9 at home
–> Rose 11-for-17 from 3 last 2 gms
–> Last ATL loss came 12/26 by 30 at home to MIL
–> ATL is 25-1 when shooting a higher % than opponent

I’m going to be in the house tonight! I’ve never attended a loser in the Bulls era, so let’s watch that trend as well!

I’ll be live tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog… Follow us for the latest.

Take care and #SeeRed!!!!

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Bulls Experiencing the Highest ‘Highs’ and the Lowest ‘Lows’

dm_150108_NADonbullsSorry followers, the wedding season is heating up! Much hotter than expected during a record cold January in Chicago.

Wanted to reach out really quick and assure that I’m still around, still keeping up with our Bulls and will be attending the Atlanta game on 1/17… Super excited and will have tons of “fan goodies” for everyone.

Since I last blogged, Bulls were on a high man. They’d won 4 out of an eventual SEVEN games, their longest win streak of the season (previously they’d only managed 4 in a row). Rose was a killer too… Check the highlights:

Jimmy and Pau have been playing out of their minds and posting some amazing numbers too. After that game, the Bulls handled the Lakers, NOLA and Indy, but then something went terribly wrong for the squad. Its something that we as fans are still trying to figure out… Starting in the 4th quarter of the Pacers game, the Bulls seemingly forgot how to score the basketball. Indiana went on a 21-2 run and the Bulls would only manage 11 pts. Eleven. At first, you just assumed it was flukish, etc. They got the win, so no big deal, they’ll get it together.

The very next game though, Brooklyn would end up exposing the Bulls on their home floor. Duplicating what Indiana had done, they went under screens and allowed Rose to shoot uncontested long two’s the whole game.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.20.08

Rose ended up going 2-15… His only made shots coming behind the left elbow in the 1st and 3rd quarters… Brutal night for Rose.

This, coupled with a big night from Brook Lopez, who dominated our front court. The Bulls just folded. Definitely a worrisome development, especially after the team went cold in Indiana a game prior.

Bulls followed this bad loss up with wins over Denver, Boston and Houston (dang, has it been THAT long since I blogged?). Bulls used a 31 pt. 4th quarter in a game full of dunks and high flying scoring to overcome the Rockets. THIS game was followed up by a 20 pt. loss to the Utah Jazz. Believe me, this final score looks better than it actually was.

Just uneven, up and down performances, but at the same time, the team stands at 25-11. Derrick’s performances have left a lot to be desired as what started out as a slump has begun to diminish his greatness. His mental approach is a concern as well. He seems to be extremely upset that opponents are going under screens and desperately wants to make them pay. I get it, but he needs to be able to impact a game in more ways than just scoring the basketball. We have capable scorers this season. Feed them. Make the game easier for them. Obviously when he’s a scoring threat, that does tend to lend itself to making the game easier, but as the floor general, he needs to find another way. I just want him doing what’s best for the team.

What’s Next?

Screenshot 2015-01-09 15.33.24

‪#‎CHIvsWAS‬ Bulls NBA best road record will be put to the test tonight… Trends to watch:

–> Wall is 0-5 vs. a Rose led squad
–> Bulls are 10-1 after losses this season
–> Wiz are on a 2 game win streak
–> Rose shooting 25.5% over the last six games

Who wins? Bulls seem to have a different mentality on the road. This would be a PERFECT night for Rose to break out of this slump. Wall is itching to beat him and the team would like to exact some revenge from the last whopping we gave them in D.C.

If Rose could again eclipse Wall, with Wall likely to be an All Star game starter and Rose likely out of this one, I think that would give his ego a boost and perhaps will restore his confidence and competitive edge a little. Selfish to think this way, but hey, whatever it takes to get Rose back on track, I’ll take it.

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog… Follow us for the latest and I PROMISE to not go away for so long again!



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Too much Rose in 4Q for Wiz; Lakeshow next

Screenshot 2014-12-24 10.44.16

The usually stoic and unemotional Rose literally skips, in an exaggerated fashion, back to the bench after hitting a step-back jumper late in the 4Q

Whoo wee! Bulls are really beginning to come together. I really wanted these two games, moreso than the Knicks/Memphis sandwich. Toronto and the Wizards are two of the top three Eastern Conference teams right now, and Chicago just handed both of them giant “L’s” to wear around their necks, going into the holiday. Brilliant. How did they do it? Same formula from the Raptors game… A little Gasol, a lot of Aaron Brooks, great defense by both Noah and Butler, strong bench play and Rose coming on strong in the 4th.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 10.40.22

Screenshot 2014-12-24 10.40.37Screenshot 2014-12-24 10.41.23

Game Synopsis: This game began pretty sloppy. Bulls were turning the ball over and playing kind of loose. Not the same, lethargic starts that we see at the UC though. they gained control mid-quarter and ended up topping Washington 21-20, off of Gasol’s first made three as a Bull. Good sign. The bench was amazing in the second as NO ONE could stay in front of Aaron Brooks. E’twaun Moore showed us all something as he’s able to make big plays. Taj was also 5-5 for 12 pts in 18 min, and Chicago would end up with a 37-24 bench advantage. They also did a great job in the paint… 50-42 advantage. After remaining in control pretty much through 3 quarters, the Wiz would gain a 1pt. lead off of a 8pt. John Wall run in the 4th. Then Rose took over and scored 8 out of the next 10 for Chicago, including that dagger step back to put the Bulls up 94-87.

Game Changer: Rose. He imposed his will in the 4th, which seems to be his new role with this team. Great situation for him as he can get more rest during games… No need to be a volume scorer. Bulls have more than enough competent scoring options. His quote from earlier in the season is ringing true. “…The 4th quarter is ‘my time’.”

Peak Performer(s):
Rose: 25pts (10-17 & 1-3 from three), 2rebs 4asts 2stls 5tos (28min)
Pau: 18pts (7-13 & 1-1 from three), 9rebs 4asts 1stl 2blks (34min)
Brooks: 13pts (5-13), 4rebs 6asts 1stl (25min)

Weak Performer: Dunleavy continues to get lost on the offense… Going 0-2, but playing 22 minutes. Only 3 rebs and 1 assist. I think Mirotic produces more with fewer minutes. I am also a fan of Nikola’s rebounding rate.

Main Hashtag: #CHIvsWAS

In-Game Tweets

Sideline Skinny

    • Aaron Brooks has come off the bench to score in double figures in each of the last 4 games.
    • Over his last 2 games, in the 4Q, Rose has scored 25 total points on 10/12 shooting.
    • Kirk Hinrich missed this game due to a strained hamstring. He didn’t travel with the team to D.C.
    • This win extends the Bulls road record to 13-4… Best in the Eastern Conference and only one more loss than GSW, who’s 13-3 mark is best in the league.

What’s Next?

Screenshot 2014-12-24 12.12.52Christmas matchup with the Lakers… Remember last time we faced the Lakers on Christmas?  Pretty special game for Rose and I’m happy Bulls don’t have to travel this year. They are fully capable of laying eggs on their home floor though and the Lakers just took down GSW at Staples.

We’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog… Follow us for the latest! #SeeRed – Main hashtag: #LALvsCHI

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Bulls drop Raptors with 49pt 4Q, Wiz next

Bulls shoot a great % from the line, get exceptional play from Butler and shades of 2011 Derrick Rose in this one. Great game, now its time to improve that road number with a (hopefully) win in D.C. tonight.

Screenshot 2014-12-23 08.06.34

Screenshot 2014-12-23 08.07.30

What’s Next?

Bulls go to D.C. to face the Wizards tonight at 7PM on CSN… Our playoff nemesis from last season. Wall is putting up crazy numbers and is 2nd in the league (behind Rondo) in assists. Chicago will look to build on the momentum of a 3 game win streak and a strong 4th quarter showing at home vs. the Raptors.

Screenshot 2014-12-23 08.18.57

From Hoopsstats.com



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Butler dominates in last 2 wins as Bulls face Raptors/Wizards

After the Bulls manhandled a Boshless Miami team and then got handled themselves by a surging, scrappy Atlanta squad, it was time for a tough back-to-back. First at home (home games are always a struggle for the Bulls for some reason… They lack energy and usually play from behind) and then a road battle against a smoking hot Grizzlies squad.

Jimmy Butler emerged as the go-to scorer and enforcer, scoring 35 pts. and then following it up with an amazing 31 pts. in Memphis. Rose would miss both contests with the flu and Taj would also sit to rest that bum ankle. Check out the highlights…

What’s Next?

ANOTHER tough back-to-back for the Bulls. First up, Toronto at the UC and then tomorrow at D.C. to face the Wiz… I really, really want the Bulls to win both of these games. It will shake up the standings and will also send a message that we are ready to compete.

Rose is back and I hope that Jimmy won’t lose his aggression level. Toronto has won SIX games in a row and don’t seem to be missing DeRozan at all. This is their 2nd six game win streak. They also sported a five game win streak. They have been beating some bottom feeders, but hey, they have to be beaten too.

This game at the UC tonight marks the first game of a 6 game road trip where 5 out of 6 of the Raptors opponents are above .500. They will be hyped to get off to a good start and Toronto historically shoots a high % against the Bulls at the UC. It is so important that the Bulls don’t dig themselves a hole against this team.

Game time is 7PM CST on CSN. I’ll see you on the other side, go Bulls!


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Rose full highlights from Trailblazers

All 31 points… Great game from Rose and 9th straight game.

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Rose, Brooks too much for Trailblazers late; Heat next

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 1.00.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 1.02.02 PM


Copyright 2014 NBAE (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

In perhaps the best win of the season, the Bulls pushed back hard on the strong offensive night by Portland to win convincingly, at the United Center. Both Lillard and Aldridge ended the night with 35 pts. each, but Rose, Brooks and the Bulls bench kept this contest out of reach for Portland.

Game Synopsis: This game began with Aldridge scoring 21 of Portland’s 28 1st quarter points… Yeah, he had one of those nights. Just unstoppable and you just knew the Bulls were going to have to find an answer for him in the second half. The Bulls bench played a decisive 2nd quarter, were largely responsible for outscoring Portland 35-23 and eventually outpaced the Trailblazers bench by a whopping 40-15. Portland battled back in the third… Although LeMarcus was controlled (he’d only score 10 more points in the 2nd half), Dame went big game hunting in the 4th, seeming to bury three pointer after three pointer (7-11). He’d score 18 pts, but both Rose and Brooks combined to score 22 down the stretch.

Game Changer: I thought the containment of Aldridge in the 2nd half, combined with Brooks and Rose’s scoring in the 4th, effectively put this game out of reach. Most of Derrick’s attack came from a variety of floaters. Just deadly offensive work from him.

Peak Performer(s): Wow, such a great team win… Brooks, Mirotic, Butler, Taj, Rose, Pau all in double figures. Rose ended with Rose 31pts (14-24) 3rebs, 5asts, 1stl, 2tos, 31 min. Amazing, vintage performance from him. He was in attack mode all night.

Weak Performer: Dunleavy and Butler had quiet shooting nights, but Butler ended up with 8 boards and took on the defensive task of trying to slow down Dame.

Main Hashtag: #PORvsCHI

In-Game Tweets

Sideline Skinny

    • This was the first 30+ pt game for Rose since 3.12.12.
    • This game marked the first full game meeting between Dame and Rose. The first time was last season, in November… The game where he tore his medial meniscus.
    • The Bulls outrebounded the Trailblazers 47-37 (Portland leads the league in rebounds)…
    • The Bulls are the first Eastern Conference team to beat the Blazers, dropping their current season record to 10-1.
    • This win over the Blazers marks the first time in 8 attempts.

What’s Next?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 2.18.38 PM

Bulls go down to Miami to get some sun, and also face the now “Lebron-less” Heat. I’m expecting a spirited contest and half-empty arena. Wade just scored 29 in a win over the Jazz so I don’t expect another game like that out of him. Bosh is their leading scorer but they’ve had amazingly ineffective back court play, and without Birdman in the lineup are dead last in the league in rebounding. Definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly, but absolutely not as dangerous as they’ve been for Chicago.

I won’t be around for this game, but go Bulls! #SeeRed

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