Butler dominates in last 2 wins as Bulls face Raptors/Wizards

After the Bulls manhandled a Boshless Miami team and then got handled themselves by a surging, scrappy Atlanta squad, it was time for a tough back-to-back. First at home (home games are always a struggle for the Bulls for some reason… They lack energy and usually play from behind) and then a road battle against a smoking hot Grizzlies squad.

Jimmy Butler emerged as the go-to scorer and enforcer, scoring 35 pts. and then following it up with an amazing 31 pts. in Memphis. Rose would miss both contests with the flu and Taj would also sit to rest that bum ankle. Check out the highlights…

What’s Next?

ANOTHER tough back-to-back for the Bulls. First up, Toronto at the UC and then tomorrow at D.C. to face the Wiz… I really, really want the Bulls to win both of these games. It will shake up the standings and will also send a message that we are ready to compete.

Rose is back and I hope that Jimmy won’t lose his aggression level. Toronto has won SIX games in a row and don’t seem to be missing DeRozan at all. This is their 2nd six game win streak. They also sported a five game win streak. They have been beating some bottom feeders, but hey, they have to be beaten too.

This game at the UC tonight marks the first game of a 6 game road trip where 5 out of 6 of the Raptors opponents are above .500. They will be hyped to get off to a good start and Toronto historically shoots a high % against the Bulls at the UC. It is so important that the Bulls don’t dig themselves a hole against this team.

Game time is 7PM CST on CSN. I’ll see you on the other side, go Bulls!


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