Rose, Brooks too much for Trailblazers late; Heat next

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In perhaps the best win of the season, the Bulls pushed back hard on the strong offensive night by Portland to win convincingly, at the United Center. Both Lillard and Aldridge ended the night with 35 pts. each, but Rose, Brooks and the Bulls bench kept this contest out of reach for Portland.

Game Synopsis: This game began with Aldridge scoring 21 of Portland’s 28 1st quarter points… Yeah, he had one of those nights. Just unstoppable and you just knew the Bulls were going to have to find an answer for him in the second half. The Bulls bench played a decisive 2nd quarter, were largely responsible for outscoring Portland 35-23 and eventually outpaced the Trailblazers bench by a whopping 40-15. Portland battled back in the third… Although LeMarcus was controlled (he’d only score 10 more points in the 2nd half), Dame went big game hunting in the 4th, seeming to bury three pointer after three pointer (7-11). He’d score 18 pts, but both Rose and Brooks combined to score 22 down the stretch.

Game Changer: I thought the containment of Aldridge in the 2nd half, combined with Brooks and Rose’s scoring in the 4th, effectively put this game out of reach. Most of Derrick’s attack came from a variety of floaters. Just deadly offensive work from him.

Peak Performer(s): Wow, such a great team win… Brooks, Mirotic, Butler, Taj, Rose, Pau all in double figures. Rose ended with Rose 31pts (14-24) 3rebs, 5asts, 1stl, 2tos, 31 min. Amazing, vintage performance from him. He was in attack mode all night.

Weak Performer: Dunleavy and Butler had quiet shooting nights, but Butler ended up with 8 boards and took on the defensive task of trying to slow down Dame.

Main Hashtag: #PORvsCHI

In-Game Tweets

Sideline Skinny

    • This was the first 30+ pt game for Rose since 3.12.12.
    • This game marked the first full game meeting between Dame and Rose. The first time was last season, in November… The game where he tore his medial meniscus.
    • The Bulls outrebounded the Trailblazers 47-37 (Portland leads the league in rebounds)…
    • The Bulls are the first Eastern Conference team to beat the Blazers, dropping their current season record to 10-1.
    • This win over the Blazers marks the first time in 8 attempts.

What’s Next?

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Bulls go down to Miami to get some sun, and also face the now “Lebron-less” Heat. I’m expecting a spirited contest and half-empty arena. Wade just scored 29 in a win over the Jazz so I don’t expect another game like that out of him. Bosh is their leading scorer but they’ve had amazingly ineffective back court play, and without Birdman in the lineup are dead last in the league in rebounding. Definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly, but absolutely not as dangerous as they’ve been for Chicago.

I won’t be around for this game, but go Bulls! #SeeRed

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