Rose Leads Charge Among NBA Players in Silent Protest

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.52.27 AM

RIP Eric Garner

Its widely known by now that the usually stoic and reticent Derrick Rose donned an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt in warmups prior to the loss to the visiting Golden State Warriors. He has been mostly lauded for this move, but there are also detractors. Bernstein insulted his intelligence and questioned his ability to be able to articulate why he’s wearing the shirt, and of course several calls into local radio by the Wrigleyville/North Shore/Lincoln Park/Gold Coast crowd brim with the usual annoyance. Expected, especially in this mostly segregated city that features vastly different life experiences… They can’t even begin to understand it (and don’t care to have it explained).

I personally liked it. I like that he’s showing that no matter how much money he’s received, how drastically his life has changed (and the fact that he can now look out from Trump Tower and see his old Englewood neighborhood), his heart is still close to everyday cats.

I’ll be back with more. The games started coming too quickly for me to keep up. We dominated Brooklyn, lost a 2OT heartbreaker to a relentless Dallas team, bounced back vs. jumpshot happy Charlotte and fell badly in the 4th after a strong 3rd quarter to streaking Golden State. Tough breaks, but our schedule hasn’t been soft either. Gets a little easier vs. Brooklyn on Wednesday and then a real challenge presents itself with Portland on Friday. That team has had a lot of success against the Bulls, would be a real statement if they could put them down.

Til’ next time, See Red…



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