Bulls Lose Composure, Game to Kings; Portland Next


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.50.54 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.54.00 PM

Bulls were simply over-matched in this game. Sacramento is more athletic, they have matured and are committed to playing through Gay and Cousins, more so than shooting jump shots as they have in the past. Their ball movement is also stellar as they had more assists than Chicago. New day in SAC.

The Bulls were the team that over-relied on jump shots last night and unfortunately they didn’t fall. Its a make or miss league and miss they did. They actually missed their last 10 three point attempts. You think if they could have at LEAST hit three they could have made some things happen down the stretch, but it wasn’t meant to be. Cousins was also NOT neutralized… 22/14/4 game for him so nice, productive game for Boogie.

Certainly not happy to be right in this prediction… I had the Bulls falling in this game 99-106. The 88 shows how anemic the scoring was and definitely mimics some of those contests from last season when it was a struggle every night determining just WHO was going to manage to scrape up enough points for us to win. We needed a bigger game out of Taj. Better numbers out of Noah and 5-19 from three (26.3%) is just pedestrian and also shows that SAC successfully locked that paint down. The Kings in sharp contrast went 4-6 and I remember when they couldn’t jack enough shots from behind the line.

Game Changer: That 2nd quarter where the Bulls were outscored 30-18 was just a bad sign… The scoring would continue to fall off from there. After managing a 29 pt. 1st quarter, the Bulls wouldn’t score more than 21 in the remaining quarters and SAC was able to hold Chicago off down the stretch. Butler was not able to generate free throw attempts either, only getting to the line for a couple. He averages 6-7 attempts a contest. I thought the T’s from Hinrich and Noah too made Bulls seem whiny. Just play, you know its Sacramento, you guys should have kept the lead. No excuses.

Peak Performer: J. Butler CHI (23pts 8rebs 1asts 2stls 0blk) 36min

Weak Performer: No one really did terribly… McDermott was again 0 for whatever but he and Snell are really only coming in and out of the lineup for spot duty. Everyone just needed to do more. Needed more rebounds (only out rebounding SAC 42-40), needed better defense (refs were whistle happy, so obviously contact and aggression were kept to a minimum), needed more threes to fall, etc.

Main Hashtag: #CHIvsSAC

Sideline Skinny

    • Derrick missed his 6th game of the young season (3rd consecutive) to continue to treat that mild hamstring pull suffered in the Toronto win.
    • Pau missed his 2nd game to rest a strained calf.
    • It was feared that Jo would either foul out of this game (5 fouls) or get ejected (animated after getting a T).

What’s Next?

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.23.48 PM

Well, I predicted a loss in Portland tonight (103-109), but I don’t see us scoring 103 pts. with Hinrich, Pau AND Hinrich in suits. POR is top ten in the league in points allowed (6th), points scored (7th), assists (6th) and they LEAD the league in rebs… They are currently on a 5 game win streak and have only lost once at home to GSW. Yeah, they are balling right now.

Three things the Bulls have in their favor right now:

  1. They have yet to lose consecutive games. They really pull together after losses.
    Kirk being out means opportunity for other players and if Mirotic can stay out of foul trouble, he can be a special scorer. Dunleavy can fill it up and so can Brooks.
  2. Noah and Taj don’t average as much as Lopez and Aldridge, but they can bang with those guys and they can exert enough effort to grab just as many if not more rebounds and loose balls.
  3. Thibs has a knack for getting the absolute most out of depleted rosters. Portland MAY, its a long shot, but they MAY be a little complacent with all these wins and success and sometimes, the more desperate and depleted team manages to win the ball game. We’ll see.

I’ll be in game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog <– Follow us for the latest! #SeeRed.

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