Bulls Season Mercifully Ends; Fall to Wiz in 5 Games

The Bulls season has ended and hopefully so has Thibs belief that the Bulls have more than enough to win.

Screenshot 2014-04-30 13.20.18

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Things that couldn’t be predicted prior to the series:

  1. That Nene would be so effective coming back from injury. Nene was a problem for Noah… Just a big body, taking up a lot of real estate and although his mid-range shot seemed like an aberration in game 1, he found his stroke again in game 5 and torched the Bulls for 20 pts.
  2. The Wizards backcourt of Wall and Beal would be unstoppable vs. the Bulls defense. These guys just got loose. I was worried after game 1 because they both had quiet games which in hindsight was because they were a little tight/nervous being in their first playoff situation. Not because of hands in their faces. They both have quick releases and Wall lived at the free throw line. Ariza also, torching the Bulls for 30 with an absolute assault from the 3 pt. line just shows how many perimeter players that the Bulls had to be concerned about.
  3. That the Bulls leading scorer through the regular season would be shut down so decisively and successfully. I was on record being worried about D.J. from the first game. He’s smallish, turned the ball over, couldn’t make quick decisions with the ball and while he did have one game where he scored 25, he couldn’t produce points consistently enough when the Bulls really needed a basket. Jimmy Butler’s shot also fell off from where he was during the regular season. Alarming too because he’s already an average shooter who just works hard.
  4. That the Bulls would manage to lose all three home games. The United Center is pathetic. Watching the crowd in D.C. just underscored just how much of a corporate environment the “Mad House” has now. The Wizards should have been very comfortable playing there.

Screenshot 2014-04-30 13.21.55

I’ll be back with more later, but wanted to acknowledge that the Bulls fought the good fight, but were clearly overmatched. We’ll see what moves Chicago makes in the off season and also how Rose progresses.

Some goodbye Tweets from #BullsNation

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