Bulls Fall to Pels in 3OT; Heat Next

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Well that was a wild night… I said in my recap of the Cavs loss that the Bulls would have to shore up what was sure to be a perimeter onslaught by the Pelicans. Well Ryan Anderson (who used to get off against the Bulls back in his Orlando days for those that don’t remember) went 7-11 from 3 and ended up with 36 pts. Just a tough cover shooting from the outside like that from that position. Taj, Booz and Noah’s instincts are always going to draw them in the paint not the three pt. line.

Game Synopsis:
Bulls ended up shooting a higher % than the Pels. You could tell early on though that the Bulls were probably going to fall because 1.) It was a track meet. Pels wanted to run early and often and they have younger legs. 2.) They couldn’t stop NOP from scoring the basketball. I mean it was unreal how successful and comfortable they were offensively. That, coupled without having our closer will typically equal an “L”. Deng, Dunleavy and Noah were huge in terms of making big plays to extend the game. Taj was just dominant overall. In the end though, its a make or miss league and NOP just didn’t seem to miss much.

Game Changer:
Ryan Anderson was unstoppable. I knew that he would be a problem because he’s a 4 taking shots from the outside, but I didn’t predict he’d have an MVP type game against us. 7-11 on three’s alone? That’s just crazy. To be fair though, Tyreke, Gordon, Aminu and Jrue can all create off the dribble and hit outside jumpers so tough to help off defensively when playing this team. Jrue Holliday completed a driving layup 3pt. play to seal the win in 3OT.

Peak Performer(s):
R. Anderson NOP (36pts 6rebs 0asts 0stls 1blk) 57min
L. Deng CHI (37pts 8rebs 7asts 0stls 0blk) 55min
T. Gibson CHI (26pts 14rebs 0asts 0stls 5blk) 44min**
**Career high pts.

Weak Performer(s):
No standouts here

Main Hashtag:

Sideline Skinny:

  • This was the second consecutive game that veteran Mike James got the call over Teague. He looks to officially be out of the rotation, yikes.
  • This loss is the first for the Bulls at home.

What’s Next?

Miami on Thursday… TNT at 8:30 CST.

Can’t think of a worse time for the Miami Heat to be sauntering into the United Center. They are on a 10 game winning streak, LBJ is shooting north of 60% from the field and their team is poised to take over the top spot in the East after the Pacers take a few more “Ls” on their current road trip. Sigh. Such a bleak outlook for Chicago that I don’t quite know where they muster up the motivation to compete as fiercely as they usually do against this group. We’ll see what happens. Glad they have two days between games so they can recover from playing extended minutes. Go Bulls. –ct

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