The Post Meniscus Tear “Meme” Clowning of Derrick Rose


I’m so ired of people clowning D.Rose… Thought I’d make my own meme.

You’ve no doubt seen the countless NBA Rose memes concerning his latest injury. There were many going around with his delayed return to the court last season, and yeah, some of them were kind of funny. I blamed the organization for never just ending the speculation as the Bulls entered the playoffs.

This latest injury though, which must be devastating for a player like Rose that has such a great work ethic, left the city and Bulls fans heartbroken. As a true fan of the Chicago Bulls, I’ve been somewhat taken aback by how quickly new memes were generated and how mean-spirited they have been. The great thing about Rose is that at 25, he amazingly doesn’t seem to be too interested in social media so whatever nasty @ mentions he’s gotten on his Twitter, as well as these ridiculous memes that are circulating through the internet, he is not consuming. His team and his friends are probably letting him know, but I am sure he is not pre-occupied with them.

What’s sad is that we are in for MONTHS of this torture. I’m amazed at how social media has emboldened so many to say anything, to anyone, about anybody. Maybe its the anonymity. Perhaps its because memes are just so popular. Or is it the chance to see something you’ve created go viral? I dunno, but its annoying and I’m saddened by this behavior. Nothing we can do about it, but I thought I’d post a quick article about it since I have a forum.


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