Bulls vs. Heat in NBA Opener: What You Need to Know

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As we enter a fourth season of Bulls/Heat (the “Decision” version) match ups, simply stating that this is a heated rivalry is to understate the obvious. LeBron James and Mario Chalmers have been recently quoted as saying “We don’t like them, they don’t like us…” Glad to know that we seem to be done with the politically correct answers. It’s true, we don’t like them and I’m glad they know it.

The Facts:

The Bulls have been the most successful NBA team against the Miami Heat in the regular season. 7-4 overall record.

2010-11 season – 3-0

2011-12 season – 2-2

2012-13 season – 2-2*

2013-14 season – TBD

*The win on 03.27.13 ended the Heat’s 27 game win streak

The Bulls have consistently averaged higher rebounds when facing the Miami Heat in regular season game action…

2010-11 season – 43.7 vs. 33.0

2011-12 season – 45.5 vs. 42.0

2012-13 season – 43.8 vs. 34.8*

2013-14 season – TBD

*Our front line rebounded the best they ever have against the Heat last season!

Derrick Rose has only faced Miami in 5 of the 11 games over the past three seasons… The Bulls were 4-1 with Rose playing:

2010-11 season – 29.0 ppg | 6.3 asts

2011-12 season – 18.0 ppg | 7.0 asts*

2012-13 season – No data**

2013-14 season – TBD

*Rose only played 2 of 4 games
**Rose sat out the 12-13 season

The last time that Derrick Rose faced the Heat, he was coming off of injury, hadn’t played in consistent games for a while and shot a career low 2 points on 1-13 shooting. He was also benched in crunch time in favor of C.J. Watson who tied the game on a 3 pointer and the Bulls eventually pulled away in OT to win.

Derrick, always keeping it classy stated “I’m fine, man, anything to win. Where he [Thibs] felt that lineup was going to win the game, it won the game, and I can’t complain about anything.”

Tonight’s game, (tip off in about an hour) will be played under the bright lights and pageantry of the ring ceremony… Miami getting a second ring in just three seasons together. A trip to another Finals would make it FOUR in a row (the first would result in defeat against Dallas). Can they make it back? The answer is yes, but I will qualify it by saying that a ton of lightning has struck for the Heat in their past two runs…

  • An inexperienced Pacers team (both in 11-12 and 12-13) that threatened, but couldn’t overcome.
  • A shot happy and porous defense by OKC in 11-12 made that a rather easy Finals to be had.
  • They’ve been pretty much injury free in the post season with the exception of the Bosh abdominal strain.
  • Superstar plays are always there when needed.
  • Wade continues to shine just when you think he’s going to continue to fade from sight.
  • The three point shooting of Battier, Miller (amnestied and picked up by the Grizz) and Chalmers has been outstanding at the most critical junctures.
  • The Ray Allen corner three will live on and can arguably be pointed to as having saved Lebron’s legacy.

…So yeah. They’ve been fortunate. Will it continue? Do superstars just find a way to win? We’ll see what happens and I can’t wait to watch it unfold. Many pundits have forgotten just how long Derrick has been waiting to get his team back to 2011 ECF form. That team was focused and many on this Bulls team feels that not only is the focus a bit more intense on this squad, but its obvious that they’ve got more talent at the SG and F spot as well. Not to mention every player has improved in the off season.

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog. Follow us for the latest. #SeeRed #CHIvsMIA

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