Anticipation Mounts as Bulls Season Begins in 5 Days

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There hasn’t been this much anticipation going into a Bulls season in almost two decades. There are so many questions to ponder; how will Derrick hold up?  Will this be it for the core? Deng will be an unrestricted free agent; Boozer may be amnestied to make space for Nikola Mirotic. Rumors arising regarding the movement of Teague for a possible backup or future draft pick. Teague will have nice career in the NBA just not here in Chicago. It is not for his lack of effort. I just compare it to being 3rd string quarterback behind Peyton Manning. Bulls’ fans will view Teague in highlights and consider it another bad move by management. I think otherwise; opportunities at point guard are slim to none on this roster.

As for the “Return”, I too had become critical of Derrick, wanting him to make a Willis Reed style return to the playoffs and take the Bulls on his back (hobbled knee and all) beat the Heat and topple the Spurs. The explosiveness Derrick has displayed during the preseason indicates he’s heard the critics and has taken it personal. Deng will be an unrestricted free agent auditioning for a lucrative contract. Boozer may be facing his last go around in Chicago. Mirotic’s pending arrival and Taj signing a 4 year $38 million dollar deal suggests Boozer’s last stand in Chicago is imminent. Butler has added a year of experience and is looking to become the back court mate to compliment Derrick.

Observing preseason games I have noticed:

  • The addition of an offense that allows others to bring the ball up the court allowing Derrick to move without the ball (resembles the triangle offense during the dynasty days).
  • This offense allows the 4 or 5 position to be interchangeable receiving the entry pass at the elbow with the option of giving the ball to either cutting guard, face up, pass to small forward in the corner or  slashing to the rim, or the big to big ( hi-lo pass) for a high percentage shot.
  • The new read and react offense will make the frequent bail out, shot clock heave, hopefully a thing of the past.

This season promises to be intriguing with all the unanswered questions. Reading some preseason reviews reminds me that RESPECT IS NOT GIVING BUT EARNED.  I’m sure Thibs is going to have them ready. Given all the unknowns about the roster going forward, the season could play out like a Quentin Tarantino movie where the beginning starts with the end.  –B

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