Rose and Others Shine in Pre-Season Home Opener

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 2.50.04 PMSooo exciting to be in the United Center to check out Rose’s return to NBA action! He was relaxed and ready to go and a lot of excitement continues to mount as we roll into the regular season.

My random observations:

  • Excited that I got there early enough to see Derrick (and Noah) warming up. He looks great.
  • I was surprised later to find out Rose was 6-9 for 22 pts. I knew he was making a few plays, but I didn’t think he scored that much. He had 10 FT attempts (making 9) so that was probably part of it.
  • After Rose’s crossover and “and one” play against rookie Peyton Siva (Louisville), the crowd went CRAZY. He was even serenaded with some MVP chants while taking the FT.
  • Snell, Taj and Teague seemed to have the strongest games to me. Gibson is continuing his strong preseason play, Snell was aggressive, is long, has a knack for steals and can hit outside shots. Teague impressed me. Much quicker and craftier in person.
  • Dunleavy has a high basketball IQ and like Jimmy, seems to always be in the right spot. He is an active rebounder and doesn’t get easily rattled. Nice, long defender, he’s a great pickup for the Bulls.

Game Synopsis:
Bulls were in control from the very start. They were aggressive and were playing at another speed. Kept Detroit on the back of their heels for most of the contest. Pistons also shot a ton of shots (26-80 FGA), missing a lot and allowed the Bulls to rebound and run. There was also little to no ball movement. Lots of one on one play.

Game Changer:
Bulls outscored Detroit 31-18 in the 2nd quarter and they would never recover after that.

Peak Performer(s):
Derrick led all scorers with 22 pts. on 6-9 shooting… 2 rebs and 2 assists.

Weak Performer(s):
Drummond went 1-7 for 5 pts. but did manage 10 rebounds.

“He didn’t look like he lost a step to me, he was as quick as he’s ever been.” – Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks

“Yeah, surprised, but it comes along with the process… Me being out for a year so I could understand why.” – Rose on if he was surprised at the attendance for a pre-season game

Main Hashtag:

In-Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

  • I took a ton of pics from behind the Bulls bench
  • I yelled out “we love you Noah!” and got a smile and a nod out of Jo! So happy to see him back.
  • Everyone was surprised to see Jimmy in street clothes. I heard he had tendinitis in his left knee, but was alarmed to find box scores stating that he has a left knee CONTUSION. Need to find out more.


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