Eagerly waiting on Rose to Bloom this Fall

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 5.57.28 AMIn Derricks absence, we have missed the aggressive penetration to the bucket, personal battles against any on-comers, and Derricks trademark ability to leave his soul on the court. Have u seen this guy?

Yes! He may have been in a fine tailored suit resting at the of the bench after a hard pre-game workout (eating on candy). But, lets not forget this is “OUR” MVP Derrick Rose!!! Chi-Town’s one and only. It is hard to question his work ethic/desire to be the best. However, everyone seemed to doubt him a little. I too had become critical of him returning to the court for my own personal satisfaction. The social media pages were filed with images and phrases mocking Rose’s “The Return” or lack thereof.

All that is ancient history now. The season is drawing near and the anticipation will be paramount…

  • The repeating champs are trying to make it 3 in a row and the Pacers have added another year of playoff experience, Luis Scola, and Bulls nemesis CJ. Watson.
  • Not to mention the new team in the East the “New Jersey Celtics” (Brooklyn Nets).
  • The West will remain formidable and only the Lakers can be counted out.
  • The Cavaliers and Pistons have made strides, and I think the Bucks will improve by way of addition by subtraction, making the central division one of the toughest in the Association.

However, Chicago is the only team to have a “star” with the magnitude of a Derrick Rose to return after a season of patiently waiting, listening to critics, and building his basketball IQ. I’m early waiting October 29 (ring night) for the defending champs. Better believe its circled on Mr. Rose’s calendar.


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