The state of Nate and his departure from Chicago

485159_162771983870484_1481259057_nI will admit that I was not a big Robinson fan. Yet, his heroics last year were not only needed, to some extent they were epic… We are reminded of this with games of his heroism being rerun on Comcast SportsNet throughout the summer.

With that being said, Nate was a defensive liability and his shoot first, pound the ball mentality was something I could have done without. For every memorable moment there was a errant shot, or a bad basketball decision to negate his impact. By all accounts he was loved by his teammates, however, for all those who think we needed to resign him (to what ended up being a not too expensive 2-year deal he got with the Nuggets), please remember how much D. Rose is loved by his teammates and the city. Nate Robinson would have been the 3rd or 4th guard off the bench. Behind starters Rose/Butler, Hinrich,  and possibly a improved Teague. I think it was best for Nate to shop around for a team where he is at least the sixth-man. With all that being said, I would like to thank Nate for providing some memorable moments. Good luck in Denver!!!


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