Summer Check-In… Welcome New Staff

Hey Bulls fans… I know, I know, I dropped off the face of the earth in the MIDDLE of the Bulls/Heat series. The shame. Unfortunately, the best part of the NBA season, the postseason, coincides with the heart of the wedding season. This year has been so insane that I’ve all but abandoned my other blog as well.

Soooo much has happened with the Bulls since this series and the ChiTownBullsBlog will cover all of it. Very excited to announce that B. Gatlin will be sharing his wisdom with us and helping to cover all things Bulls. I’ve added his bio to the About page, but I’ll place it here as well. B is home grown, conversant in many sports and is a welcome addition to this blog.


B. Gatlin (contributing writer)

My name is B. Gatlin, Jr. and I was first introduced to basketball via my mom. Her favorite team was the Mark Aguirre led DePaul Blue Demons. They were making their march to an NCAA title in 1980. My First NBA encounter was the 1981 Finals, the Boston Celtics led by Nate Archibald and a young Larry Bird defeated the Calvin Murphy and Moses Malone led Houston Rockets team.

There was no NBA TV or ESPN at the time therefore the local market sports were all there was to watch on or listen to on radio. Therefore, I’m a  Chicago sports fan Bulls, Bear, White sox, Hawks, who remembers the Sting, Fire, and even though I am not a big Cubs fan I am all things Chicago. But for the sake of the blog I am only talking NBA. I have been with the Bulls since the days of Quentin Dailey, Orlando Woolridge, and the “A-train” Artis Gilmore. Things were Bleak at best until 1986 when the Bulls drafted Michael Jeffery Jordan and a star was born and the rest is of course history “G.O.A.T”. I look forward to giving my insight of the current Bulls as they take charge into the 2013-14 season.

Follow on Twitter: @SouthChiB

We are in for a wild ride people… No more waiting for Derrick Rose to return, the Heat are on top until a team figures out how to take them down in a 7 game series and there have been so many moves this summer, the league will be pretty intriguing (to say the least), come the Fall. Check us out as we add some Chicago flavor to the writing that is already out there.

Take care,


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