Bulls Now In Must Win Situation as Miami Surges Ahead 2-1

It’s “gut check” time for the Bulls… Miami cannot go up 3-1 and head back to South Beach with all that momentum at their backs…

After the exhilarating win in game one, Chicago has been brought down to earth a bit with two losses in a row. First, there was the mind-numbing blowout (ended up being the Bulls worst playoff loss in franchise history) Second would be a closer affair… Wheels came off towards the end, apparently due to Bulls fatigue, more than Miami dominance.

The numbers say that Bulls win game 4. They haven’t lost 3 games in a row this postseason, and in the regular season, they only did it once… Back on November 21st vs. Houston after falling to the Clippers and Portland. Just not a part of the Bulls DNA to keep losing. There are other reasons too that I think Chicago fights back:

  1. The Bulls would like to avoid losing 4 straight like they did in the ECF vs. the Heat in 2011 – None of the articles I am reading are mentioning how frustrated and crestfallen the Bulls were after that failure. If the Bulls get past Miami that year, there was a good chance they could have brought the Larry O’Brien trophy home. The Mavs would not have had an answer for D.Rose, Noah matched up well with Tyson Chandler in the middle and Deng (plus a nice helping of help defense) could have neutralized Dirk on the wing. Sigh. Hurts even thinking about it. The Bulls lose on Monday and 4 straight losses is almost inevitable.
  2. The Bulls will be the more desperate team – I’m finding that the more desperate team always wins. Even though the Bulls are CLEARLY overmatched here, it seems like heart, desperation, etc. and other unquantifiable intangibles can be ridden towards a victory.
  3. Bulls will finally keep their composure – Let’s hope so. Game two saw 6 techs on Chicago (including one for little Teague, what the…?), plus two ejections (Noah, Taj). Game three saw Nazy lose his cool by shoving James, who conveniently threw his 260lb. frame on the deck. Nazr had to be ejected after that. Ugh. I need the Bulls to play under control. Now that they are in “must win” territory, I believe that they understand the stakes, and know that their margin for error is very low.

Other Bulls Headlines:

Coach Tom Thibodeau fined $35k for comments about the refs  (Basically spoke the truth. Simply stated: Bulls are not going to get the calls. What’s wrong with saying that? Since most of these contests are close, touch foul whistles can influence the outcome of the game.

Taj fined $25k for verbal abuse of the ref in game 2 (Remember when we thought that Taj would be suspended for going H.A.M. on the refs in Miami before getting tossed? Thank God it was only a fine.)

Injury Report:

Hinrich (severly bruised calf) and Lu (illness) are both likely out for game 4. Deng stated that he tried to work out and threw up. Poor guy, I LOVE the no quit in this team. Rose has finally been hooked for the series, so that discussion can finally cease.

What’s Next?

Game 4 is Monday night at the UC at 7PM. TNT. I’ve got a client meeting so I unfortunately will NOT be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog. Follow us.

Go Bulls… I believe.

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