New Goal For Bulls: Relevance in the PostSeason

bullsnetsWell Bulls fans, after Saturday’s annihilation, we have reached the “do or die” point in the postseason. Tonight’s game is a MUST win for Chicago. We must go back to the United Center with this series tied up… I just don’t think that in the Bulls fragile state that we can come back from an 0-2 deficit.

Let’s look at a few compelling storylines as we enter Game 2:

Noah as “Willis Reed”

Is this really a good idea? I’ve read that Noah’s Plantar injury is now torn, he looks like he’s walking on hot coals and is being used in extremely limited minutes. What is the medical staff there for anyway? Common sense aside, its a great story, Noah is the heart and soul of this team and I’d go to war with this guy anywhere, any day. Love you Jo. For real.

Deng as “The Invisible Man”

Gerald Wallace killed Deng. I mean he killed him. He was like tissue paper. You know, if we don’t get 22-24 pts. a game starting TONIGHT from Lu, we can forget this series. Start deciding who you want to win the other series out there, I’m not kidding. We have to have offensive production from the three and I don’t know if Lu will have it in the tank after what looks to be a tough, tough assignment for him in guarding Wallace. My God.

DWill as “Remember Me?”

We have no one to stop Deron Williams. I repeat, we have no one to stop Deron Williams. I’ll say it one more time… We have no one, to stop Deron Williams. Kirk is beat up, Nate (even though we desperately need his offensive production) was getting completely abused when he was on him. I’m speechless at this matchup. Butler needs to check Joe Johnson and help Deng with Wallace. Who is going to stop this guy? He’s licking his chops to light us up again.

DRose as “Benchwarmer”

Thibs finally. And I mean finally dropped the charade that Rose is coming back for the postseason. Still not shutting the door completely, he managed, “likely out”. #SIDEEYE. Stick a fork in him Thibs. He’s done.  Noah hobbling around is really, really rubbing salt in the wound of #TheReturn as we got to see Rose on the bench, for only the second time in 83 Bulls games, in a suit, cheering on his teammates. Sooo much political red tape there with the ownership, Reggie, Derrick’s mental state, Adidas. Ewww. More money, more problems. Whatever, hope his rehab continues to go well heading into the summer.

I won’t be around in-game tweeting, I’ve got envelopes to letter, but I’ll be watching. Go Bulls. You can turn it around!!!! #ChicagoStrong


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2 Responses to New Goal For Bulls: Relevance in the PostSeason

  1. Bulls are taking down the nets without a doubt, how great was Noah last night?

  2. chitownbulls says:

    So excited for the team! Great bounceback game!!!

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