Bulls with momentum after wins over Pacers and Wolves; Face Heat tonight on ESPN

Tonight the Miami Heat enter the United Center on a 27 game winning streak. So?

I’m kind of annoyed that this streak is being compared to the 72-10 Bulls season. Guess you had to be there to know how ridiculous this sounds. Let’s not forget that the Nuggets won 15 in a row and the Clippers rattled off 17 this year. Think these streaks speak more to the state of the league. I give them credit though. This is the first season since they’ve gotten together that they’ve sustained a formidable look. In season’s past, they would pretty much phone in the regular season, so its nice to see them play like these games matter.

Our Bulls obviously don’t have the same pedigree, but they will play as hard as they ever would, streak or not streak, injuries or not. I expect them to again leave it all out on the court and see what happens.

Streak or not the Miami Heat are still a pathetic 30th in rebounding and mostly rely on superstar play(s) in order to win games. Chicago needs to team rebound, guard the perimeter and just play smart basketball. Kirk being back in the starting lineup should help the Bulls get off to a decent start. The importance of taking care of the basketball cannot be overstated.

Injury Report

  • Rip is still out with the pulled back muscle and seems to be forgotten by Thibs. Does anyone even mention Rip anymore?
  • Noah has missed the last couple of contests nursing the plantar injury so I don’t expect to see him. Nazr has been doing a decent job backing him up though.
  • Bellinelli has an abdominal strain that I’m hoping is not as bad as others I’ve seen. Takes a while to move comfortably after these… This one hurts an already offensively challenged squad.
  • Derrick is still in “God only knows” territory and I’m not even touching that. Bulls Org should shut him down by 03.31 though if he still doesn’t feel ready. Its officially become a distraction now. There was some footage shared of him going 1-on-1 in practice though:

For extended footage: http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=426283550795930


I’ll for sure be in-game tweeting this contest @ChiTwnBullsBlog <– Follow us for the latest and greatest on all things Bulls! Should be a good one tonight. –ct

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