Observing the 10 Month Anniversary of Rose’s Surgery

chi-derrick-rose-20130212-001There have been some pretty scathing articles and quotes emerging about our hometown hero, Derrick Rose. Some of it has been brought on by the silence coming from Derrick himself… The media is good at filling up silent voids. They’ll fill it with editorials, speculation, lies and other fodder.

Latest article by @KCJHoop: “I Don’t Have a Return Date”

These kinds of articles with direct quotes from Derrick are refreshing to see. Thibs new go to quote is: “…We just want him to focus on his rehab and nothing else.” Fine. Derrick should feel good about this comeback. He shouldn’t feel like he has to save the team, he shouldn’t be rushed and he shouldn’t allow the media to bully him into daily quotes. But, he should talk to local media and it looks like he’s doing that more and more, which is a relief.

This Derrick is the Rose we love. Not the one that speaks through his eldest brother Reggie Rose. Not the one who has been painted as a pouter – a player who is folding his arms and refusing to come back knowing that the talent is not there to compete with the Miami Heat. Sounds weird, but a basic scanning of blogs and news articles would have you believing that this is who Rose is now.

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. No one wants to win more than Derrick in my opinion and he plays the game with an intensity that I don’t see from any other player, on any other team. He simply does not take possessions off. He has worked hard for the Bulls organization and I expect nothing less from him going forward. He’s saying he needs more time to overcome the mental hurdles. He says he needs to learn to trust his body all over again. I accept that, and I want him to take all the time that he needs.

Here is Legler’s take on Rose and his return:

I’ll be back later to talk Bulls. They are still out west and will play SAC tonight. –ct

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