Bulls Under Scrutiny After Home Loss to Cavs, Philly Next

Its not a fun ride right now Bulls fans. I have NOT abandoned the team, but my business is growing by leaps and bounds and my interns don’t start until the end of March so my hands have been tied. I might go with video blogs moving forward.

After the OKC demolition I still felt like the Bulls were ok. That loss brought them to .500 after All Star break. 2-2. Wins at New Orleans and Charlotte and losses to Miami and OKC. How can you really be mad about that? As a reasonable fan, you would have surveyed those 4 games and predicted 2-2 (or 3-1 if you were being hopeful about a usually strong homestand against our friends in South beach).

So ok. We fall to two contenders with outstanding records. We come home from OKC, ready to bounceback. Cleveland is in the house. No Kyrie Irving (hyperextended knee). Ready, set, go! But then it happens… Bulls fall. They go through a scoring lull. They are slower to the ball. Taj is out with a sprained knee so we are left exposed defensively. Just so much goes wrong, it was painful to watch.

After this though, the media goes crazy. Articles are coming out now about how Derrick’s return has become a distraction, the team should be blown up with the exception of Derrick. I mean it has gotten ridiculous. To clarify my own position, I don’t think that we should press the panic button yet, but fingers should be firmly in place. I think the comments by Derrick’s brother were more damaging to the team than Thibs and the Bulls organization admitted. Great analysis by Stephen A. on Reggie Rose:

Derrick’s return is described in scary terms by Stephen though. Do we really expect Rose to come back as Superman? Danny Granger’s first two outings after sitting ALL season with his knee injury: 1-11, 1-7. That’s realistic folks. I know Derrick is a beast, but we need to give him time. Some of the mental hurdles he has to overcome have to include  these super high expectations. I would like for him to play 18-20 minutes a game, get some reps in so he’s not ice cold to NBA action come next year. I have a feeling though that he will be used too much and “title hopes” will immediately become attached to a Chicago Bulls team that may be gassed already at this point of the season. Forget about a deep playoff run.

What’s Next?

Tomorrow vs. Philly on TNT. At the United Center. UC has not been friendly to my Bulls and Philly is just coming off of a bad loss to the Orlando Magic. Their losing streak is at 6. Don’t think they’ll want this game? Sigh. My fingers are not crossed, but how appropriate would it be for Derrick’s first game back to be against Philly? We would definitely have come full circle! I should be around to in-game tweet. Follow me @ChiTwnBullsBlog for the latest. We still believe… #SeeRed

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