Noah and Deng Represent Chicago Well In Houston



Jo and Lu played great in last night’s All Star Game. Just a solid effort with decent usage. So happy for them. This is Lu’s second time around and he was ever the pro. Noah seemed to really enjoy his first invite to the big dance and played just how you expect. Honestly, I felt like Lu, Noah and Paul George were responsible for even keeping the East in the game… Kyrie and Jrue were playing some one-on-one show off type ball, which resulted in a lot of chucking, while the more talented West squad continued to run the score up.

All in all I enjoyed this game and was happy that Spo knew to have Joakim on the floor in the closing minutes. He makes such good decisions why wouldn’t you? Hope they can both get some rest today as the league is not going to wait for anyone… We enter the home stretch tomorrow. The second half of the season. Bulls lost both games (NBA TV aired games at that) to San Antonio WITHOUT Duncan, Parker, Ginobili or Stephen Jackson. Then followed that effort up with an ugly loss vs. the C’s at TD Garden. Wow, really?

Lots of questions remain as we close this season out:

  1. Will Derrick Rose return this season? After this USA Today article was released and Derrick was quoted as not being willing to return until he was 110%, local media, Chicago and fans kind of sobered up. Maybe he won’t come back. Honestly, if what he says is true about not being able to dunk in stride off that leg then he should sit it out. Not worth it.
  2. What’s with the Boozer/Bargnani rumors? I’ve heard that the Bulls have been shopping Carlos’ salary pretty aggressively, but no one wants it (understandably). We’ll see what the February 21st deadline brings.
  3. Do Bulls have enough gas for even an average playoff run? I’m thinking that if Thibs is going to play this team the heavy minutes he’s been doling out since the year began then Chicago won’t get out of the 1st round. Seriously. These games will start to mean more as we speed to a close, but really, I’m willing to sacrifice a few in order to look out for the player’s health. Luol and Noah in particular.
  4. Looks like Kirk will return to the lineup after missing SEVEN games with an elbow infection. This will put EVERY player back in their normal position and hopefully, the lineup can remain in tact through the end of the season.

What’s Next?
Bulls at New Orleans Hornets tomorrow (Tuesday) night in New Orleans. 7P CST on CSN Chicago/ESPN 1000. Geez, this is a pesky team with competent bigs, more scoring with the return of the oft-injured Eric Gordon in the lineup, and they’ve won 4 out of their last 5 games. Convincing wins at that over some quality teams.

Chicago will have their work cut out for them as they have LOST 4 out of their last five. Chicago should beat NOH on the glass, and Kirk, if the rust is not too heavy should make the offense go and make good decisions with the basketball. Hopefully we can get some three’s to fall, which will probably be one of the keys to winning this one.

I’ll be around for that game, in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog. Follow us for the latest on all things Bulls!


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