Bulls Embarrassed by Nuggs; Outlast Utah and Finish Road Trip .500

It wasn’t pretty, but the Bulls managed to go .500 (3-3) on this 6 game road trip and considering the competition and team records, how can you be upset? Of course, I would have liked to see Chicago drop the Pacers in this stretch, but West had a career night and a lot of calls didn’t go the Bulls way. Not the reason why Chicago lost, but without Rose, Noah and Kirk, Bulls can use all the help that they can to grind out wins.

Final Road Trip Summary


Correction: Boozer managed 11 straight POINTS not shots late in the 4Q

Two Games Left Before All Star Break

spursceltsSo it looks like we get the Spurs on Monday in the United Center. They always seem to conclude their “Rodeo” road trip in the Chi. They have been on a tear, but I still like our chances against them because of our defense and rebounding edge. Not sure how we slow Tony Parker down. We could really use Kirk on the perimeter to set the tone at the beginning of the game. We’ll see. I know that Kirk has already been home in Chicago for treatment on his elbow.

After San Antonio, the Bulls travel up to Boston for the final game before the All Star break. Both teams will want to win this game. I cannot stress how tightly contested this battle will be. The C’s have surprised everyone by winning SEVEN games in a row after Rondo went out with a partially torn ACL. How they can win like this is amazing. Stats have been revealed though that even last season Boston was slightly better without their star PG in the lineup. I don’t care how many triple doubles Rajon can net, if these individual accolades are not translating into team wins, how valuable are they really?

Both of these games will also be televised on NBA TV so I’m really hoping the Bulls can grab one of these. Two wins would be outstanding… Then its time to get rested up for the last half of the season. Kind of wish Deng and Noah could rest as well. I HAVE heard rumblings that Noah may skip the game because of his plantar issues, but this may be a rumor.

The Return

Not only has Derrick been filmed shooting around before the games on this recent road trip, he’s also been running the length of the gym. SO exciting to see him in action. When will Derrick come back is the BIG question on all Bulls fans minds.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 12.58.02 AM

Games occurring for the Bulls right after the All Star Game

Now you’d have to think that Derrick is going to come back for a home game, right? To reveal him on the road would seem cruel. Chicago has suffered through this from the beginning with Derrick, we should be the ones to witness him come back. Miami would not be appropriate. I’m hoping its not this game. It should be Tue, Feb 26th against Cleveland or Thu, Feb 28th against Philly… That would be full circle would it not?

Cleveland would see Derrick and Kyrie going against each other for the first time (kind of unfair, I don’t want footage of Kyrie blowing by D.Rose). Philly would feature (not so reluctant star – PG and first time All-Star) Jrue Holliday attempting to lock Derrick down. Both games would be tough, but not too tough. Not so bad test for that knee out the door. I don’t expect him to play more than 18-20 minutes anyway… Even Thibs is not crazy enough to ride Derrick more than 20 min his first game back. I need to bet some money on this.

Check out some amateur vids of D. Rose shooting around before games. The jumper is decidedly “wet” ladies and gentleman.

I’ll be in-game tweeting for both the Spurs and Boston games. Follow me @ChiTwnBullsBlog for the latest! Go Bulls! –ct

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