Bulls Fall to Wizards after Strong Outing Against GSW – Face Bobcats Tonight


Mini-recap below since I still didn’t get a chance to watch this game…

Even though I grabbed this torrent, I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch this game, just saw some snippets. This loss was kind of predictable though right? Washington Wizards are like the Toronto Raptors. They have nice pieces, but not enough cohesiveness to actually win games at a decent clip. Talented jump shooters, guys willing to rebound, etc. Teams are also motivated to play teams like the Bulls near the top of the Eastern Conference standings. In the Wizards case though, it was more than a bad team hanging in there with a superior one… John Wall has returned and the Wiz are having a resurgence of sorts. This stretch will be key to see if Wall really is the franchise caliber player that you can build a team around. Maybe he matures a little this season. I’ll have to watch some more games to see how they do.

So saying all of this… I’m not too upset with this egg. Not at all. Although the Bulls have been accomplishing a lot these last few games, consider the following:

  • We still have Lt. Deng out with the pulled right hammy.
  • Carlos had a quiet game (hard to be mad at him after what he’s been able to accomplish), which has become an anomaly for him.
  • Kirk is not going to shoot the ball the way he did in the GSW game (I knew that was somewhat of an aberration, but of course we’ll take it).
  • Bulls still, at the worst possible times seemingly, are unable to score the basketball.

Bulls had an 11 point 3rd quarter… Tough to overcome. Joakim came within 1 pt. of what would have been a third career triple double. He’s living up to his All-Star status for sure. 17 rebs, 10 assists and 9 pts.

Its also important to point out that the Bulls actually went 6-2 over their last 8 games… At the time I made this prediction (a time where they were playing some wildly inconsistent ball), it was really tough to see them doing that. Aside from the fact that they lost games I thought they would win and vice versa, the fact that they could string those together lets me know that they have turned a corner somewhat.

There are many more battles to come as the Bulls begin a road trip. You have to think maybe it was planned for the schedule to gradually become tougher closer to Derrick’s likely return. I’ll take a look at those upcoming games more closely later. In the meantime, we’ve got the Bobcats in the house tonight and its fair to say that this is a must win for Chicago. Bulls got embarrassed on New Year’s by falling to the Cats and allowing them to snap an 18-game losing streak on their home floor.

We need everyone to play well in this rematch. No excuses, no eggs.

I won’t be around to in-game tweet unfortunately. Got client meetings tonight. Good luck to the Bulls though and #SeeRed!


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