Bulls Extend Win Streak to Three By Crushing Golden State – Wizards Next


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Bulls completely DOMINATE the Golden State Warriors with a wire-to-wire win. I predicted that the Bulls would lose this one, but again, they are showing that they can elevate their play to compete with any team in the league, so there you go. Color me impressed.

Golden State just dug a hole that turned out to be way too big to climb out of. In a 10-game NBA Friday that would end up featuring some amazing and improbable comebacks (CLE over MIL , ATL over BOS 2OT), Bulls fans grateful that Chicago managed to sustain the intensity. They led 31-13 after the first and no matter that the Bulls gave up an incredible 37 pt. 2nd quarter to Golden State (13 pts. from the FT line), they pulled it together in the second half and left no doubt about the eventual outcome.

Steph was forced to play in a crowd all night by Kirk and it took him 18 shots to get 21 pts. He amazingly only managed 1 assist (6.6 avg). Bulls also held team to 35% shooting (48% avg). David Lee had a decent outing, taking what he could get from the pick and roll and attempting to draw contact in the paint, but the teams spacing was off, shots were rushed and they were obviously bothered by the physical play of Chicago. Bulls never let them get comfortable.

Player of the game – Kirk Hinrich:
Other Bulls stepped up and had incredible games, but Kirk helped to get the Bulls off to a good start, which has been such a challenge. Aberration? Likely, but hey, I’ll take it. Especially against a team as offensively potent as Golden State. Kirk did this before in a road win against New York.   He was 4-5 from three in that game, but he hit 2 of them in the 1st quarter and helped the Bulls build another commanding lead. He’d find a way to score 12 in the first quarter last night. Cannot be overstated how much we need offense in the beginning of games.

Double/Double Watch:
Butler: 16pts | 12 rebs | 4 off 8 def
Boozer: 15pts | 13 rebs | 5 off 8 def
Noah: 14pts | 16 rebs | 6 off 10 def

In-Game Tweets:

What’s Next?

Potential trap game with the Wizards who have won four in a row.

I won’t be around to in-game tweet tonight. Wishing the Bulls luck and hopefully we can extend the win streak to four! Take care til’ next time.

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