Bulls Prove to Be Real Road Warriors with OT wins over Raptors & Celt’s – Grizz Next

Oh, if you are Bulls fan, you are smiling tonight! How awesome have the Bulls been? I mean really. Right now, Chicago is 8 games over .500. I said in my last post that if the Bulls could put together a run, the perception that they are a .500 team, or a little better would HAVE to be confronted.

  • Boozer is playing out of his mind with recent career highs in points and rebounds.
  • Noah is giving us solid play inside and is consistently giving Chicago double-doubles.
  • D.Rose has quietly been travelling with the team. Not sure if he was in Toronto and Boston, but it was well publicized that he was on deck for the Florida swing and NY. I think his presence, even if not on the bench cannot be overstated.


Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.16.35 PM

I missed the Toronto thriller and we won’t even speak of the Phoenix loss. That was brutal. HOPEFULLY that win wipes out the loss I had predicted against the Raptors. Let’s look at where we are on my predictions:

  • vs. Phoenix – Bulls win. They won’t want another embarrassing loss at the UC. Also, should be loose after dominating win over NYK just last night. Uh, yeah, they did lose this game, right after that NY win. Very troubling to Bulls fans. Why? Why can’t they win at home? 97-81, blech… Nothing you can do but move on.
  • vs. Atlanta – Bulls win. They pay Atlanta back for that blowout loss they suffered a couple of weeks ago in the Highlight Factory. Hawks have been on a slide losing 5 of their last 7. I knew the Bulls would pay Atlanta back, but 97-58? Atlanta had 20 at the half, that’s how bad it was. Bulls played D, but Atlanta just had a very off shooting night. I mean no one could get it going.
  • @ Toronto – Bulls lose. They have proven to be road warriors, but I think the Raptor’s ability to make tough, contested shots may prove to be the Bulls undoing. Bulls pull this one out. Toronto makes the tough, contested shots I talked about, but Chicago hangs on to win it 107-105 in OT. They led by as many as 19 pts. so they were on their way to an egg. Boozer shoots a CAREER high 36 pts. He’s just come alive at the perfect time. 
  • @ Boston – Bulls win. Always seem to be amped for these potential Eastern Conference playoff teams so they bring their A-game to the Gaahden… Not sure if it was their A game, but Rondo pushed ’em to the brink and they compete and win AGAIN on the road in OT. 100-99. Go Bulls. Booz 19/20 gm, Jo 14/13 and Kirk sends gm into OT and Belinelli wtih the ultimate game winner above. Thriller for Bulls fans and methinks we rise on all power rankings lists. 

Up Next:

  • vs. Memphis – Tough call since their style of play is so similar and they also have closers with Rudy Gay and Conley. I’m going to go ahead and predict a Bulls win though. They have already lost to the Grizz down in FEDEX forum and with the way our front court is playing, we might be able to squeeze out a close one here.
  • vs. Los Angeles – Bulls win. Lakers won’t or can’t defend the paint so I’m predicting big games for both Noah and Belinelli. Might be a laugher.
  • vs. Detroit – Bulls have owned Detroit and I see no reason for that to change. Bulls win.
  • vs. Golden State – Bulls lose. Golden State has had the Bulls number for a while now and with the high level that they are playing at right now, I dunno, gonna be tough to slow Lee and Curry down.

Lu Out:

All of these predictions are kind of up in the air now with Lu having to leave the game in the 3rd with a pulled right hammy. Get well Lu, we want you healthy for the post season more than anything!

I’ll be in game tweeting for Memphis and Lakers on Monday! Let’s go!


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