Bulls to Regroup After “Christmas Massacre” at UC


Bulls really, really failed to rise to the occasion on Christmas. I knew the Rockets had been on a roll, and to be honest, they ran the Bulls out of the gym last season. No Derrick Rose for last season’s contest either, but still, Bulls got exposed again by a Western Conference team that loves to run. The Bulls are obviously not the youngest team by any means and without Derrick our athleticism is definitely compromised.


Western Conference Teams That Bother the Bulls:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Houston Rockets

I’m ALWAYS worried when the Bulls play these teams in particular, so not shocking that we fell to the Rockets, just surprising how easily they scored on Chicago. I mean, they were on automatic. They’d already beaten Memphis, another team with a stingy defense by 25 so the signs were there that this would be possible. Asik’s presence in the middle for them made them even more dangerous. 20pt. / 18reb. game for Omer. Unreal. TOUGH game for a Bulls fan to watch/stomach.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 9.06.20 PM

Also unfortunate that this game came on the heels of the Atlanta defeat. The Bulls have played  with an uncharacteristic lack of intensity on the defensive end for 9 quarters now, beginning with the 4th quarter of the Knicks game where they gave up 45 pts. and nearly lost.

bullsquartersBulls have been getting smashed in 2nd quarters especially… Just a lack of intensity and I think the heavy minutes that are being played are maybe a part of it.

What’s Next?

Bulls next game, against the Pacers in Indy was supposed to occur just a day after the Houston thrashing, but inclement weather mercifully spared them. The game was postponed and it will be rescheduled. Pacers (16-12) playing well of late and that contest would have determined the leader of the Central.

Bulls get a break by playing Washington (3-23) on Saturday at the UC and then a matinée with the Bobcats in Charlotte (7-21) on New Year’s Eve. They will still have to focus and play defense to get these wins, but these sub .500 teams, who are both struggling may be coming at JUST the right time. Come on Chicago, its time to get back on track.


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