Bulls Bounce Back Win Over Philly; Face Nets Tonight

Bulls nearly pulled off the upset on Tuesday, but were again, missing their closer in the loss to the Clippers at the UC.


Turnovers cost the Bulls and Blake and Co. made them pay… Bulls would go into Philly the next night (Wednesday, Dec. 12th) though and leave the 76ers down on the mat:


Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 1.28.04 PM

Joakim Noah

Jo had another monster effort: 21 pts. 3 blks, 7 rebs, 1 stl and 5 assists in 44 minutes.

Chicago played 8 players on the evening, with Kirk sitting with an ankle injury. Nate Robinson started and the rook Marquis Teague saw some action as his backup. Very tough and gritty performance from the Bulls as they bounced back from a disappointing home loss against the Clippers.

Game Notes

  • Jo had it in for the Philly crowd… Obviously remembering how they cheered when he suffered the high ankle sprain last season. He was just everywhere he needed to be.  Hitting outside shots, dishing the ball, “and one’s”, you name it. He was soundly booed as a result and it was funny as hell.
  • Marquis Teague got some nice run and you can tell he’s getting more comfortable. Honestly with how the guards are going down, the Bulls can’t take another setback at that position. Marquis hit a nice 20 footer, a reverse layup and 2 FT’s for 6 pts. He also logged 4 assists. Nice game rook!
  • Belinelli continues his impressive play. 16 pts. 2 stls and 2 assists. Variety of shots too. Nice runner in the lane, catch and shoot, still knocking down the three ball. Just a nice, balanced shooting guard. Rip should officially lose his spot to this guy.
  • Multiple ties and lead changes in this one… Jrue Holliday (26pts. 9 assists) just seemed to hit shot after shot.
  • Bulls execution in the 4Q was very impressive. They hit shots, they were a sizzling 24-26 from the FT line and never lost their composure. Very strong in a back to back.
  • We need to keep and eye on Deng and Noah. Nice two-man game from them and I’d like to see more of it. They are becoming our most reliable players, even when Deng’s shot is off.
  • Boozer struggled (1-6 FGs, 5pts.) and was benched in the 4th.

In Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

  • Kirk suffered some kind of ankle sprain in practice and is day-to-day.
  • Rip Hamilton is still nursing the plantar fasciitis tissue tear… Weeks before we see him again.
  • The bench cheered Teague on with the big plays he made… Nice to see him get that 4Q experience under his belt.
  • This game marked the 4th straight road win by the Bulls. They are currently a better road team.

What’s Next:


Bulls face the Brooooklyn Nets tonight at the UC. Its our first meeting of the season. Nets started out white-hot, going 11-4, but have come down to earth a bit and have an almost identical record with the Bulls. Should be another “barfight” type game.

C.J. Watson, the former Bull will be in the house. I’m still amazed that he stated, right before the Bulls predictably didn’t extend him, that Deron Williams is the best PG in the game. Deron is great, but D.Rose has dominated the matchup between them. Why he would say this is beyond me. No PG in the game today dominates and takes over a game like Derrick. During his MVP campaign in 2010-2011, he led the league in unassisted FG’s. The league. Just a monster. Chris Paul is a wonderful game manager, but even his statements are not as emphatic.

C.J. is racking up some points (he recently scored 16 pts. vs. the Raptors including 4 threes), but he’s still the same unreliable playmaker, who struggles with dribble penetration and finishing at the rim. I’m secretly hoping he overreaches in this game and struggles. Also hoping Brooklyn is tired coming into Chicago. They won a tough DOUBLE OT game vs. the Pistons last night in Brooklyn. They played a lot of extra basketball and I expect it to show.

Brook Lopez and Joakim Noah is obviously a matchup to watch. Both centers mean a ton to their respective teams and we can be sure that they will both give a tremendous effort tonight. The PG matchup will obviously be dominated by DWill, but collectively, our guard rotation must try to slow him down. Joe Johnson broke through in the game last night vs. the Pistons hitting some insane shots down the stretch to win the contest. Bulls will have to frustrate “ISO Joe” early and often to prevent him from getting into a nice shooting rhythm.

I am unfortunately headed out to a wedding reception tonight, so I WON’T be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog. Hold the fort down for me #BullsFam and I’ll see what I can scrape off Twitter and @ESPN when I get home.

Go Bulls… Let’s start a new streak of 2 games in a row!


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