Bulls End 3 Game Losing Skid With Win Over Bucks

Bulls found themselves completely overmatched at Staples vs. the Clips and then soundly beaten from the arc by both Portland AND Houston (although the Rockets game was winnable, Bulls just couldn’t execute in the closing minutes). They ended their annual circus trip (albeit abbreviated from previous seasons) with a win in Milwaukee.

The good news is that the Bulls defensive rating is still top 10 in the league:

The 3 point shooting and opponents FG% are troublesome. Bulls just don’t have the same defensive prowess without Asik and Brewer in particular. We’ll see if Chicago can continue to “right the ship” as it were. I think there are a few things that need to be addressed but I’m just not sure Thibs can get what he needs from the overall talent level/pool.

Give Rip more run
Completely confused about Rip’s usage. Is Thibs concerned about Rip’s stamina? He’s certainly not the same player that he was earlier in his career, but his production when he’s on the floor, more often than not is at a high level. Even if he’s not shooting the ball well, he is helping to stretch the defense and is making plays. Why he’s on the bench in the 4th is still a mystery to me. His recent usage in the Bucks win (36 mins) seems preferable to the 17 (?) he logged in the Houston loss.

Corral Nate Robinson
Nate is simply not a good enough guard to “take over” games in the end. If he were able to do this he would be a star in this league. Nate needs to run the offense at the end of games and stop the hero ball. The only thing I’ll take from him is a drive if he can break down the defense. Those long two’s and three’s should only be hoisted under duress. The ball needs to move. Chicago is successful when that ball moves from one side of the floor to the other.

Limit Kirk’s shot attempts, especially from three
Kirk’s shooting is like I remembered. Just horrible. He needs a shooting coach. If he’s not healthy, his minutes should be limited. Really hurting the Bulls. He took SEVEN three attempts (making 2) and managed 4 assists. If he can’t produce more opportunities for others and take higher % shots, then I’m not sure he should stay on the floor more than 15-20 min per game. I’d rather a “PG by committee” approach. That way, Teague can get more run with about 10 minutes per contest.

Nazr should be in the rotation
I think Nazr could give the Bulls some nice, hard hat type minutes/production if given the opportunity. Curious to see if Thibs buries him on the bench alongside Radmanovich and Teague. I like his 15 footer and his rebound rate is impressive.

What’s Next?
Bulls face the Buck’s at home. Jennings may or may not be slowed by an ankle roll he suffered in Saturday’s contest. I expect the bench to play better at home. This game will mark the first of 4 at the UC…


I’ll be in and out, “spot blogging” if you will. I need to focus on my other blog (and business) for a few weeks but will be back more regularly when I can. Check me out and follow me @ChiTwnBullsBlog. I’m usually in-game tweeting and providing commentary and updates!

Take care and I hope you all had nice Thanksgivings…


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