Update: Bulls End Election Week 2-1 – Celts Up Next

Wow, did this week really happen? I’m so sorry Bulls fans, I’ve been completely consumed with the election as I also found myself campaigning. Very rewarding, but I’m glad its over and I can have my life back.

Election Night 11.6.12 – Bulls 99 | Orlando 93

Deng going to the rack… From ESPN

The Bulls played Orlando and won a grinder… So many of the Bulls games come down to this. Orlando played the Bulls to a draw for much of the contest, but then Nate Robinson hit some big baskets late and they were finally able to pull away. Lt. Deng led the way with 23 pts. and there was balanced scoring with 5 players scoring in double digits.

Thursday Night 11.8.12 – Bulls 91 | OKC 97

KD contests a shot attempt on the wing by Deng

Lost to OKC in a nail biter… Too much Durant down the stretch. Understandable though with a team like OKC. They’ve got stars and KD is just capable of hitting contested, difficult, clutch shots. Case closed and on to the next game.

Saturday Night – 11.10.12 – Bulls 87 | Minnesota 80

Nate Robinson

Bulls beat Minny last night off of a strong performance by Nate Robinson. Nate can still play a little out of control, but his energetic play down the stretch yesterday turned out to be just what the Bulls needed. Minnesota (without Rubio, Love, J.J. Barea and now Roy) are a mirror image of the Bulls in my opinion. “Next man up” mentality that Thibs instills in the Bulls is a similar approach being taken by Adelman. They believe they can win every game which is why they have surprised many entering the UC with a 4-1 start to the season. Nice battle by the Bulls which sits us at 4-2. Boston is next on Monday.

I hope to be back on my own game by next week! Follow us @ChiTwnBullsBlog.


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