Bulls Lay Egg at Home vs. Hornets; Magic Next on Election Night

I love that interview! Well, in the words of KG… The Bulls were in a “bar fight” tonight. Been a while since I’ve seen an opponent defend the paint against the Bulls as well as the Hornets did tonight. I mean they just continually turned the Bulls back and did just enough to win. They didn’t rout the Bulls or completely dominate or embarrass them, but they controlled the tempo of the contest. They also did a masterful job of switching the players in their pick and roll offense and it confused the Bulls defensively.

The Hornets won the inside game tonight. No question that they came to play. They protected the rim and finished with 9 blocks.

Game Notes:

  • As hot as the Bulls were to start last night’s contest vs. Cleveland, they started out just as cold tonight. Bulls made only 6 of 19 FG’s in the 1st quarter and scraped up points at the FT line.
  • Bulls ended up shooting a depressing 33% from the field.
  • The starters were just a step slow and just couldn’t properly set the table.
  • Belinelli looked to have a chip on his shoulder against his former team and played an impressive game ending up with 13 pts.
  • Aminu, Lopez and Vasquez were thorns in the Bulls sides early on. Aminu quietly made baskets and just disrupted passes and Bulls offensive sets. Vasquez made some big shots and Lopez fought Noah at the rim and ended up with four blocks
  • If Rip and Boozer had even pedestrian outings, we would have won. They both struggled big time and ended up with 4 pts. each. Not gonna cut it, especially without the offensive punch off the bench we used to have.
  • Nate Robinson was again a little sparkplug, but he was spotty and took way too long (shades of JL3) to get the Bulls sets going… Usually :09, :08 then he’s getting the ball in Rip’s hands. Not much production from him tonight.

Sideline Skinny:

  • Both the Bulls and New Orleans sit at 2-1 after this contest.
  • Monty Williams (amazingly) made comments about the strict concussion policy of the NBA, stating that it was unnecessary in his opinion and that the players are being treated too delicately. Really Monty? Davis is the franchise. Be serious now. He might get fined for this, lets see.

Post Game Quotes:

  • “…They got us back on our heels… They got an early lead… Their big guys hurt us inside.” – Coach Tom Thibodeau
  • “…I don’t think we out-worked them, I just think the ball came our way a few times and it was just a major battle in that paint. Anytime you play against Chicago, a team that (Tom Thibodeau) is gonna coach, you know you’re gonna play a team that is gonna hit you right in the mouth.” – Coach Monty Williams

What’s Next?

This is game one of a five game stretch at the UC. Bulls come back on Election night (why Chicago?) to face the Orlando Magic.  After that, a fully loaded (although a little lighter in the wallet without now Rockets sensation James Harden) OKC buzz saw that decimated a “Rose-less” squad last year. Good luck with that Bulls.

I’m pretty involved in election duties, so I will be probably be in and out and not seriously in-game tweeting. Take care Bulls fans, and remember its early!


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