Bulls Rout Cavs; Face Hornets at the UC Tonight

Taken from ESPN.com

A vintage performance by Rip (pictured shooting over Keyshia Cole’s “boo” Daniel Gibson) saw him pour in 19 pts. in 27 minutes of play.

Whoo wee! Bulls look to be in mid-season form with the “whopping” they put on the Cavaliers last night. Yes, this is only the second game of the season and there is a lot of basketball yet to be played, but I think it is safe to say that the Bulls identity has not changed, even with the departure of so many core players of the last two seasons. The Bulls are who we thought they were, we just need to see how they will perform against elite competition as we move through the schedule.

Game Notes:

  • Bulls came out hot. Shooting 16-21 in the 1st quarter for a sizzling 76%.
  • Bulls led 32-16 after one and 60-35 by halftime.
  • Similar to the Bulls last pre-season game, they just played a swarming, unrelenting defense and seemed to overwhelm their opponent early on.
  • Bulls still sloppy with the basketball. 17 turnovers were down from the 18 they committed against Sac, but they will have to do better. 12 or less is more customary for the Bulls.

Check out Rip’s made shots to the left. He was nearly perfect, going 7-8. — Image from ESPN.com

  • Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson went insane in the third quarter. Rip’s mid-range jumper was decidedly “wet”. He went 7-8 from the field and Nate assisted on SIX of those shots.
  • Boozer, the former Cavalier, always seems to play very well at the Quicken Loans arena. He not only made 7-11 shots, but he also handed out six dimes.
  • The Bulls had 34 assists on 44 made shots. Ball movement definitely improved from last game.
  • Lu had a nice game making 5-8 shots, but more impressive was his defense. He was mainly responsible for shutting down Waiters, though Rip picked him up too.
  • While no Bull had a spectacular outing rebounding, the Bulls all seemed to chip in on that front and ended up out rebounding the Cavs 41-33. Amazing if you consider the activity of Varejao under the basket.
  • Kirk virtually attached himself to Kyrie Irving, forcing him into some incredibly tough jumpers. He would end up going 6-15 and only dishing out 4 assists.
  • Rookie Marquis Teague saw 4 minutes of action and managed to dish out 3 dimes… Nice production from him. I still think he’s thinking too much though.

In Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

  • The Bulls are 2-0 for the first time since 2002-03.
  • Every Bull saw action in this rout.
  • This win marks nine straight games that the Bulls have won over the Cavs.

Post Game Quotes:

  • “…”That’s what you call a good, old-fashioned butt-whipping.” – Cleveland Cavalier coach, Byron Scott
  • “…All you heard was his name: ‘Rip Hamilton, Rip Hamilton.’ He got us all going.” – Nate Robinson

What’s Next?

Bulls back home and will face the New Orleans Hornets 7:00PM CST on WCIU. We won’t see Chicago native and #1 draft pick Anthony Davis. He suffered a mild concussion from teammate Austin Rivers last night during a close win over Utah. They’ve got good talent but will be vulnerable in the middle without Davis. Ryan Anderson is capable of having big nights offensively though and will pull Boozer away from the basket. Noah will also have to battle Robin Lopez for rebounds. We’ll see how well they can shut him down.

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog Let’s go Bulls, let’s make it a 3-0 start! –ct

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