Bulls Win Season Opener With D and Strong Game from Noah

Noah shouting “…and 1”! Jo went off for 23 pts, 10 rebs (5 off), 5 steals, 3 blocks, 3 assists in 40 minutes of action.

Well that was a typical, grind it out, find a way to win game from Chicago. Just a slugfest man. Deng, Hinrich and Nate had quiet offensive nights so Boozer, Rip and Noah picked up the slack in a major way.

Game Notes:

  • Tyreke had a great game. His production has been uneven and with the injuries he’s sustained, I admit that some of the other players have stood out more to me. He was solid last night though with 21 pts. 8 rebs. and 3 assists.
  • Turnovers were a problem for both teams. Bulls won’t be able to recover from such sloppy passing against better teams. That needs to be cleaned up. Sac had 21, while the Bulls had 18. Thibs likes to keep that number down to 12 or less so I know he was none too happy with that stat.
  • Bulls had 21 assists on 33 made FG’s. Bulls obviously still want to move the ball, they just need to tighten up the passing. A lot of it was telegraphed, hence the high turnover rate.
  • Belinelli made his only 3pt. attempt, but Bulls were a miserable 22% from behind the three. Deng was 0-4.

In Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

  • No D.Rose on the sideline for the opener. Looks like he’s on his way out to L.A. for more therapy per Dan Roan.
  • Aaron Books actually lost a tooth diving after a loose ball and getting tangled up with Kirk.
  • Taj agreed to a $32M/4 year contract with the Bulls before the trade deadline. There are incentives built in to balloon that number to $38M. Some say he settled, but Taj had his reasons. Congrats Taj, you’ve worked hard.
  • The Bulls appointed Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen senior adviser to president and chief operating officer Michael Reinsdorf.

Post Game Quotes:

  • “…It’s one game out of 82. Good start. But we have a lot of basketball to be played.” – Joakim Noah
  • “We’re not going to change our style of play, that has to be consistent. It has to start with our defense and rebounding, taking care of the ball, playing inside-out and sharing the ball.” – Coach Tom Thibodeau

What’s Next?

Bulls travel to Quicken Loans arena to face the Cavs on Friday, 11/2 at 6:30PCST. Game airs on Chicago Sportsnet and Fox Sports Ohio. I will unfortunately not be around to in-game tweet. I’ll see what I can scrape off Twitter later so I can re-cap!

Congrats on this first win Chicago! –ct

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