Bulls Beat OKC with Strong Performance by Boozer; Indy Next

Boozer takes it to the rack while OKC’s James Harden looks on…

Well Boozer showed signs of life in the Minnesota win and then managed to turn the clock back in the OKC contest. This game would NOT have K.D. and Russ, but the Bulls clicked so well in this one that I don’t want to take away from their win.

  • Nate Robinson continues to build momentum from the Bulls Minnesota win by continuing to penetrate defenses and finding the wings and players open for easy baskets.
  • Noah had active hands in this one as did Rip. As we are getting closer to the regular season, I’m convinced that the starters all know they need to do more than what they were accustomed to doing. Its obvious.
  • Love Jimmy Butler’s activity… Great put back dunk off of a Rip Hamilton miss!

In Game Tweets:

Up next:
Indiana… I’m just going to go ahead and say it… Pacers got a SQUAD this year. David West and George Hill are in their second year playing with Indiana and should have better chemistry this season. Granger is coming off an injury, but if he can stay healthy should continue to be a nice weapon for them. Augustin plays hard and should be a nice “effort and energy” pg for this team. Hibbert, an All Star last season, has gotten even more talented in the middle. Very interested in seeing this game tonight.

Take care Bulls fans! Halloween (next Wednesday) begins the regular season! Let’s go!!!

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