Bulls Host Cavs on U of I Campus Tonight

The Bulls have travelled to Champaign, IL (University of Illinois campus – Assembly Hall) to host the Cavaliers tonight (7PM CST) in their second pre-season game. They won their first contest vs. the Memphis Grizzlies at the UC on Tuesday.

Cleveland Cavaliers Depth Chart 2012-13

It’ll be interesting to see how Kyrie’s development continues. He proved to be arguably a top 10 PG last season with an uncanny, fearless driving game. Not as flashy as others, but he can cut, change directions and flat out elude defenders. Great court vision too… He’s just fun to watch…

A bit of a mini-controversy occurred a couple of nights ago when the Cavs got killed by the Milwaukee Bucks in their second pre-season game. Dion Waiters (admitting to being out of shape entering Summer League) was benched by coach Byron Scott after a botched play to begin the 4th quarter. Not usually a big deal, especially with a rook, but it just seemed so PUBLIC, with soundbytes from the coach and everything. Doesn’t seem like a great way to build trust, but hey, kid was picked 4th and is facing a lot of pressure… We’ll see how he responds.

Bulls arrived in Champaign yesterday and seem ready to go!

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog, really, my first time this season since I attended the first pre-season game and my tweeting was limited! So pumped. Let’s go Bulls fans!!!


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