Who Are These New 2012-13 Bulls?

Clockwise: (C) Nazr Mohammed, (F) Vladimir Radmanovic, (G) Marco Belinelli, (G) Nate Robinson, (G) Marquis Teague, (G) Kirk Hinrich

Well everyone knows by now that the Chicago Bulls organization completely gutted the Bulls bench. It was all to avoid paying the luxury tax and with Derrick Rose out indefinitely, this new season will be interesting to say the least. What can we expect? How will these new players gel? Will they commit to the defensive schemes that have made them so successful the past two years? Will second year Marquette standout Jimmy Butler finally get the call minutes wise? All these questions and more are hanging in the air as the Bulls are currently in training camp and will open pre-season at home against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday.

Where are they now? C.J. Watson – Brooklyn Nets, Ronnie Brewer – New York Knicks (injured reserve currently – knee surgery), Kyle Korver – Atlanta Hawks, Omer Asik – Houston Rockets, John Lucas III – Toronto Raptors, Brian Scalabrine – Retired and now a Boston Celtics commentator

How do the new players compare to what we lost?

Bulls Lost Personnel Bulls Gained Personnel Differences/What to Look For
C.J. Watson (PG/SG) M. Teague (PG)* Pretty obvious that the Bulls wanted to shore up at the guard spot. Bulls are definitely a little stronger at this position as long as we are thinking that these guards will EVENTUALLY back-up Rose. The whole team will suffer while Rose sits so I won’t get into how these guards fare alone. They need to just push through. Derrick was so enamored with Hinrich from his rook/vet experience, it was recently revealed that he actually RECRUITED him back to the Bulls so lets hope this means good things for Teague. Robinson will obviously be the energy guy… A little out of control, but likeable and will not back down. Belinelli seems extremely happy to be playing for the organization and I expect for him to be a serious student of the entire coaching staff. I will miss Korver to death, but I believe Belinelli is slightly more talented at getting his own shot and is not strictly catch and shoot. We’ll see.
K. Hinrich(PG/SG)
J. Lucas III (SG) N. Robinson (PG/SG)
M. Belinelli (SG)
K. Korver (SG/SF) V. Radmanovic (SF) Such a loss for the Bulls here. Korver had improved so much, he basically stole minutes from Rip, was playing D and got the nod from Thibs time after time during critical 4th quarter stretches. With Vladimir backing up Taj and Jimmy, he shouldn’t see much daylight after the pre-season. We’ll see. He can go unconscious from 3 and shot 37% from beyond the arc last season. Ronnie Brewer’s defense, effort and overall intelligence at the SG position will also be a hole that needs to be filled.
R. Brewer (SG/SF)
B. Scalabrine (SF)
O. Asik (C) N. Mohammed (C) Biggest fall off will occur, without question at the Center position… Couldn’t be helped though. Noah needs to stay healthy this season more than any other. He is actually going to be the most important player, in my mind, after Kirk. Kirk needs to efficiently run the offense. He is familiar with his personnel for the most part so that will help… But with Rose out, Noah and Rip will need to lean heavily on their playmaking ability.

Still attempting to snag a roster spot after the pre-season:

Check out some highlights of some of our new Bulls… I’ll be seeing these guys up close tomorrow and will be sure to report back!

Vladimir raining down 3’s on the Bulls back in January:

Nate Robinson (GSW intro)

Marco Belinelli punishing the Bucks

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