2012 NBA Draft: Bulls Select Marquis Teague with the 29th Pick

Wow, after all of the rumors about Deng and Noah being traded for higher draft picks and multiple mock drafts awarding the Bulls players like Doron Lamb SG 6′ 5″ KY | Tyshawn Taylor PG 6′ 4″ KS | Jeff Taylor SF 6′ 7″ Vanderbilt | John Jenkins SG 6’4″ Vanderbilt, etc., Bulls pick up Marquis Teague of Kentucky. Kind of anti-climactic.

Not that Teague is not a good, serviceable PG. He is a winner, comes from Coach Cal’s program, plays defense and works hard. He was interviewed during the NBA Combine (where he DID work out) and stated that he was expecting to go 15-25. Many are stating that if he’d stayed at Kentucky another year he would have been a top 10 pick in the 2013 draft.

John Crispin analyzing Marquis Teague and a player many Bulls fans wanted, Doron Lamb:

Nice highlight reel for Teague if you haven’t gotten a look at him… Kid can see the floor obviously and is an exceptional passer…

Quotes from the Bulls organization:

Gar Forman states that his scouting staff has followed Teague since he played at Pike High School in Indianapolis. As a senior, he was one of five finalists for the Naismith Award for the National High School Player of the Year after averaging 22.7 points, 5.9 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game.

And while Rose is virtually irreplaceable, Teague will provide the Bulls with some of the things which Rose excelled at doing.

“He gives us another guy that can break defenses down, get into the paint, and make plays for himself and others,” said Forman.

My take:

I personally wanted a bigger player (Marquis is generously listed at 6′ 2″), and this draft was rich with 3’s and 3/4 combo players and Bulls are desperate for some talent at the wings… Derrick Rose’s severe injury obviously played heavily into this pick. Bulls needed a ball handler and Teague is fearless with the ball. He can definitely beat you off the dribble, and like his older brother (Atlanta Hawk player Jeff Teague), can be a blur down the court.

This pick also generates a ton of questions/assumptions…

  1. C.J. Watson must be getting a “…its been great, but” letter in his mailbox
  2. What happens to JL3? Is the organization cleaning house in the backcourt?
  3. How much does Rip have left? Great player for Teague to pair up with though… He’s going to learn a lot.
  4. How much will Teague play? Can he earn a starting role in Derrick’s absence?
  5. What happens when Derrick comes back? He doesn’t have a superstar attitude, but still, what kind of chemistry will they have? D.Rose owns Chicago, Marquis needs to recognize.
  6. How far can this team go next year with a rookie running the Bulls offense?
  7. If CJ is gone and D.Rose is rehabbing his injury, who starts at the 1?

It will be interesting to see how this season unfolds. At least Teague is not joining the NBA during a brutal lockout season. Bulls will make sure he doesn’t skip any steps. Welcome to Chicago rook.

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