The King is Finally Crowned

LeBron James in the post game presser between the Larry O’Brien trophy and the Finals MVP trophy

Well, that was anti-climactic wasn’t it? After going into the Finals as the favorites after dispatching the Mavs, Lakers and Spurs, OKC fell to the Heat in a whimper. Pretty amazing.

Well, this is what the media wanted after all. The Miami Heat were the overwhelming favorites to come out of the East, picked well before the season even started. They get the lion’s share of the highlights on ESPN, even when they lose a game. Analysts are clearly seduced by Lebron and Dwayne Wade’s penchant for long, TD like cross court passes and high flying dunks. They just loved this team. An undersized team, top heavy with stars, no real center and multiple spot up shooters. This is the team that won it all in 2012. Its a credit to LBJ really. The Heat will go as far as he takes them. This is even more true now with the largely unspectacular play of DWade in series after series. Because of all of the hype and attention, this Finals win in many ways DOES seem like a coronation, however the Heat did go out and win this series fair and square. The refs whistles were horrible, as they have been in the entire playoffs, however OKC did not make enough adjustments and calls or not, got outplayed… Game winning plays and defense. That’s what wins series and championships.

It will be interesting having the defending World Champions in the Eastern Conference. There will be plenty of stories about the Heat’s lethargic play, etc. …But how they can turn it on when it counts, blah, blah, blah… With the exception of the Philadelphia “we dodged the tougher team” 76ers, I can’t name a team among the remaining 28 that is intimidated by these cats. They obviously want to create a dynasty as their 2010 pep rally suggested. We will now be able to see just what kind of heart and character this team has as they set out to defend their title in an 82 game season that will have a training camp and will obviously not be such a “meat-grinder”. How much additional “swagger” will this chip give them? We all know that they are emotional… Will that doubt go away now? Have they found a formula for consistent success? Who will challenge them next season?

Yes, the 2012-13 season will be an interesting one indeed.

Check out the “off the chain” all night celebration at Club LIV… Cost a stack to get in! Insane, over the top and in the words of Joakim Noah… “Hollywood as hell!” Enjoy now Miami…

I’ll be back soon to talk all things Bulls, D.Rose and the NBA Draft on 6.28.

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