Philadelphia’s season finally comes to an end thanks to Rondo/Celts

The Agony of Defeat

I know its petty, but as a Bulls fan, I have been waiting with great anticipation for this moment. First off, credit Philly for making the MOST of their opportunity: A chance for a deep run into the playoffs. Clearly, this run was based entirely on the Bulls misfortune – a season ending injury to Derrick Rose. They could have bowed out in the Boston series, but they were relentless. They competed. They proved their worthiness as an NBA playoff team. That said, they still would have never gotten past a healthy Bulls team, so personally, I wanted them to go no further than the second round.

The Celtics made it interesting, but they were finally able to put Philadelphia away. Rondo was Rondo… Not only did he mess around and get a triple/double, but he went on a 10-2 run in the 4th, just knocking down critical basket after critical basket. The Celts will now head down to South Beach to battle Miami. I HATE that Avery Bradley went down with the shoulder injury, but hey, just shows that the brutal lockout schedule is not done placing NBA players on injured reserve lists. The absence of Bosh in the post will make things interesting for Garnett as well. Everyone is picking the Heat to win (including myself, I’ll say in 6), but as these playoffs have shown, you gotta play the games.

May the best team win and I’ll be sharing some Bulls news soon.


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