Playoff Preview: Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are about to tip off their playoff run against the Philadelphia 76ers today at Noon. Quite an early tip for Chicago who plays much better later in the day. Things are happening pretty quickly with the season ending on Thursday. I barely had time to prepare this preview and they are tipping in just two hours.

The 76ers have athletic wing players who don’t mind playing defense, can be explosive at the rim and like the Bulls, enjoy a low scoring affair. They play hard for 48 minutes, are well coached and only lack a star player that can close games.

They have caught the Bulls off guard on more than one occasion, which is why they would desire them in a 7 game series vs. Miami. Miami has torched them in every game they’ve played since the solo win they enjoyed in the first round of the playoffs. They just get overwhelmed with the scoring potency of the Heat. I think that shows that they are not as committed to playing defense for 48 minutes, which is only more of an advantage for the Bulls.

The Bulls starters overmatch Philly’s starters rather easily. This contest will come down to the bench play. Lou Williams leads the 76ers in scoring coming off of the bench and Thaddeus Young has given Bulls problems in the past. He will need to be contained. Look for Asik and Taj Gibson to get PLENTY of run in this one. Bulls must exploit Philly’s size deficiencies in the post.

My Prediction: Bulls in 5. Unless the Bulls come out with a ridiculous level of playoff intensity, I think we drop one game to them, I’m sure of it. But they don’t get another one.

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