Bulls did it. They won 50 games. Amazing after what this team has gone through this year. I started this blog on Christmas because I really believed that the Bulls were going to make a serious run at the trophy. I wanted to have the blog as a “diary” of sorts to look back on and re-live the moments that would make a championship run so special.

Writing about the Bulls has changed my feelings a bit though. I feel that I’ve grown closer to the process and that I’ve adopted Coach Tom Thibodeau’s philosophy of “not skipping steps” and “one game at a time.” I mean, the process has been fascinating. To see the Bulls go from essentially, “The Derrick Rose Show” to a more complex array of defense, offensive rebounding, second chance points and surprising sources of offense has really been something to behold. Bulls fans who have watched this team closely can’t help but be excited about what is to come.

I’ll save all of my musings regarding the post-season for my Playoff posts, which will begin tonight. This blog marks the end of my regular season blogs, which turned out to be a staggering 105!!!!

I wish the Bulls luck and I enter this post season fully supporting this team that plays team basketball and plays it the right way. Congrats on 50 wins and kudos to the organization and the coaching staff for keeping the guys ready.

Finally, thanks to the fans who have taken the time to read my diary. #SeeRed #GoBulls!


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