Bulls Beat Pacers; Lock Up #1 Seed

Bulls are bouncing back from that loss in Miami nicely. First a win over the defending champs, even if they didn’t try all that hard, and now a fiesty, “wanna-be rival” in the Pacers. No offense, but after what transpired down in South Beach, Psycho “T” and the gang seemed like teddy bears. D.Rose is back. Thibs trotted all of the starters out onto the floor and Bulls fans should be confident in what they saw.

  • Derrick toyed with the Pacers on a couple of drives. Just getting his timing back. Beating folks off the dribble only occasionally. He still looks fairly pedestrian, but he is on his way back for sure.
  • Boozer has been the most consistent Bull all year. He had it going early in Indy. I’ll take a 16/7 game from Booz anytime. He had 10 in the first half and I applaud his effort.
  • Noah had a sweet offensive game and I hope that what I’ve seen in the last few games holds up. He is looking for his shot more and more. Active on the boards and just amping up the energy, I love it.
  • Rip continues to concern me. He went 2-10 and I think we should expect him to be a streaky shooter. Some games he’s hot, others not so much. I need to pull some stats to see just how up and down he’s been, but I’ve seen enough to know that I’m holding my breath when the ball leaves his hands.
  • Deng was average offensively, but he had to do a lot on the defensive end as he was guarding Paul George and Stevenson… Not worried at all about Luol.
  • Korver led ALL scorers with 20pts. His play, of late, has been nothing short of inspiring. Korver keeps this level of play up in the playoffs, we are going to be just fine. Close out on Kyle quickly folks cuz that release is fast, and its deadly.
  • Indy looked good. West continues to look like a brilliant pickup for them. He provides some toughness and the guy can just hit some tough, timely shots for them.
  • Collison is actually looking better off of the bench. I think George Hill should continue to start for their team.
  • Pacers tried with the personnel that they had, but defensively, the Bulls were just a notch above Indy. Bulls also shot the ball well, although the box score shows it was only 46%, it felt like they were dropping at a higher clip.
  • Bulls ALSO ran some interesting plays… Nice what a little bit of practice can do. I think we are going to see Noah handling the ball more in the playoffs and letting Derrick play off the ball. Wonder how perfected this can become?
  • Check out Noah at the top of the key with the ball and Derrick making a hard cut to his right to get the quick pass...

    Poof! Poodhini is off! Hill can't catch him as he makes a hard cut to the basket...

    Pacers turn into spectators, Jo gets the dime, Derrick converts the basket for 2. Nice.

Sideline Skinny:

  • Pacers trotted out all of their starters with the exception of Granger, who is nursing a sore knee.
  • Barbosa also sat out after suffering an ankle sprain.
  • There were more than a few Bulls fans in attendance… Had Bankers Life “Seeing Red”!
  • This win over Indiana claims the regular season series at 2-1. It is the 49th win for the Bulls in this brutal schedule.

What’s Next?

LAST game of the season… Hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday 4.26. CSN 7:00P.

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