Bulls Beat Dallas; Miami Loses & Magic Number For #1 Seed Down to 1

You got the feeling that Dallas wasn’t going to kill themselves to get this win over Chicago. It was kind of like, yeah we are going to compete, but if it gets tough, not going to over exert ourselves. That’s just how it felt. We didn’t get Dallas’ best effort, but the Bulls, as usual, gave their best effort. Derrick Rose was back on the floor. Did more assisting than scoring, but the Bulls seemed to be calmed and a little more relaxed by his mere presence out there. No explosiveness, no jaw-dropping drives to the hoop. No, Derrick gave us “D.Rose Lite”.

Seems as if Derrick has realized that he has nothing to prove and that the time is getting to be too crucial. Can’t risk getting injured in these (for the most part) meaningless games.

Rip turned back the clock, Deng hit huge shots and Korver keeps coming up big for the Bulls in 4th quarters. Defensively, Kyle has definitely turned it up a notch.

What’s Next?

THREE DAYS OFF! Nice break for the Bulls as they get ready for a back to back. First at Indiana and then hosting Cleveland for the last game of the regular season.

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