Miami Gets Nasty and Grabs a “W” From Bulls in South Beach

It was a playoff basketball atmosphere for this one Bulls fans. Rip didn’t show up offensively, but I liked his demeanor and his fight. JL3 did what he could do, but he ran out of gas. Hell, the Bulls still balled out after Miami tried to get tough, but we just went through one of our offensive lulls at the WRONG time. This is where we missed D. Rose. The timely-bucket D.Rose. The run-killer D.Rose. He would sit out with the foot ailment and @KCJHoop would even say that he was limping through the tunnels… Seriously? I can’t believe we are so close to the playoffs and Derrick is in such a fragile state.

Game Notes:

  • When news broke that Derrick would scratch, I really got concerned for the first time. How in the heck would we beat Miami on their home floor without the MVP?
  • The game pretty much went the way it usually goes. Tightly contested. Miami with a slight scoring edge, but Bulls always giving themselves a chance to stay in the game with stops and offensive rebounds, yawn.
  • James Jones decided to attack Noah’s throat with a vicious elbow with 6:05 left in the 2nd quarter. He was ejected after refs ruled it a flagrant 2
  • Wade decided to elbow Hamilton to the hardwood with an exagerrated, lean in elbow with 9:05 left in 3Q. Happened right in front of the refs, but there was still a delay as they had to work out what kind of call it would be. Really?
  • Finally, Lebron set a hard, but legal pick on JL3 with 5:03 left in the 3Q, Lucas gets in his face and LeBron shoves him back with both hands. Double techs assessed.
  • Bulls were hanging with the Heat, even after the fouls in my opinion. I think some felt they should have retaliated, but I didn’t get the feeling they were rattled at all. They just couldn’t hit shots.
  • Miami eventually pulls away in the 4Q and celebrates like the Bulls were at full strength.

What’s Next?

At home vs. Dallas. Hopefully, we’ll have D.Rose back!!!

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