Bulls play 4th OT game of the season, get the “W” in Motown

It was messy, but the Bulls will take it. The Detroit Pistons played the Bulls tough down the stretch and found themselves one made Rodney Stuckey FT away from actually stealing this game.

Game Notes:

  • Derrick played a staggering 41 minutes so looks like he won’t be eased back into the lineup. He struggled from the field again going 9-22, but managed to make a huge 3 at the end of regulation to force OT.
  • Bulls saw 5 players score in double figures: Boozer, Noah, Hamilton, Derrick and Korver
  • Korver is shooting the ball with a ton of confidence, and Thibs is rewarding him with minutes. He has got to be playing the most minutes off the bench now.
  • Noah managed 13 offensive rebounds. 13!!! The entire Pistons team managed 10. Monster night for Noah who ended up with 20 pts. and 17 rebounds
  • Bulls looked like they would pull away from Detroit but they got some hot shooting by Stuckey and he got to the FT line 18 times. Wow. He’d end up with 32.

Sideline Skinny:

  • Derrick got chopped on the nose by Villanueva… He had to be attended to by the medical staff as he would start bleeding profusely.
  • This game marks only the 2nd time this season that Rip played his former Pistons team (he was injured for the other contests). The cameras showed him embrace Prince warmly before the game.
  • The Palace had a ton of Bulls fans and didn’t look as empty as it usually does. Kind of exciting atmosphere for a Detroit game.

What’s Next:

  • Washington Wizards at the United Center tonight.
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