That’s More Like It… Bulls Get Revenge on Knicks; D.Rose Sidelined

Bulls got revenge against the Knicks on Tuesday. I don’t think anyone was surprised, except for maybe a rabid Knicks fan base, energized by the surprise OT win on Sunday.

Game Notes:

  • Tyson was definitely neutralized in this contest. TEN offensive rebounds by Chandler in Sunday’s contest turned into only FIVE for the entire team on Tuesday.
  • Rip Hamilton came to play. 18 of his 20 pts. came in the third quarter. Rip’s warming up at just the right time.
  • Korver was a beast in the fourth. Just turned the Knicks back… Three blocks, seven rebounds, three assists and 3-5 from three. Amazing performance from Kyle!
  • Bulls CRUSHED the Knicks on the glass… 51-33 rebound advantage. 18-5 offensive!
  • Boozer and Deng were also solid with 10 and 19 pts. respectively…

In Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

Derrick warmed up his ankle doing drills before the game, but was held out. This is the 23rd game that he has missed this season. Bulls have gone 16-7 without Derrick in the lineup.

What’s Next:

Uh, only one of the biggest games of the season… Miami Heat at the United Center tonight. This will be the first contest where the Bulls will trot out its starting five (Derrick is still listed as game time decision, but I believe he will play).

The first game on 1.29 featured Rip on one leg, trying to come back too early from a groin injury, and no Deng. The second game didn’t have the MVP. Yes, this will be the matchup that will FINALLY feature both full squads. Even Mike Miller is back in the lineup for the Heat.

It’s going DOWN at 7PM CST/8PM EST on TNT!


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